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New principal settles in at Myers Elementary

By Staff | Oct 3, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Billie Jo Grohol is the new principal at Myers Elementary School. Showing a basket full of golden apples, she hopes to give them out as rewards and hang them onto a tree displayed in the front lobby of the school. She also is an avid Eagles football fan.

MUNCY – A new principal is on board at the Myers Elementary School in Muncy for this school year, and she has been quite active every day working with the students and staff to give them a positive school experience.

A graduate of Schuykill Haven High School, Billie Jo Grohol has chosen Muncy to be her new destination. With two master degrees, she is experienced with curriculum studies and has presented some great ideas to start the new school year for the district.

On Friday morning, Grohol loaded two wagons (calling them her “woot-woot wagons”) filled with treats and water and took them around to every teacher in the building. “I want to try to do something every once in a while to say ‘thank you’ to the teachers to give them appreciation for all they do for the students,” she said. In August she had a breakfast for them. When she sees great things happening, she wants to recognize it.

“Last week we gave out golden apples,” she said. A third grade teacher received one for completing a task ahead of time.

Her goal is to have a tree set up in the lobby filled with golden apples and held up a basket filled with them.

PHOTO PROVIDED Last Friday morning, Myers Elementary school principal Billie Jo Grohol, passed out treat bags and water to all the teachers acknowledging their hard work and service for the students.

Her first job was in the Reading School District where she was an ESL instructional coach for five years before heading to Penn State for her first Master’s degree. Her second master’s is from the University of Turbo teaching English as a second language.

In 2016 Grohol acquired her principal certification from Wilkes University.

While working in Reading she aligned a multi-tiered system for intervention and support and worked with teachers among 13 different buildings in the district. “I spent the last two years building this model there and during the last three to four months, I was the interim assistant principal,” she told the Luminary.

Her vast experience is what helped her land the opening position here in Muncy. “I am very familiar with this area,” she replied. She and her family would often visit this area for shopping and recreational activities.

She said the Muncy community has given her “overwhelming support from parents, teachers and fellow administrators. Every morning Grohol greets the kids. She hops on the school bus at the high school shortly after her commute, and rides the bus back to the elementary school with the kids.

Currently she is choosing to stay in Ringtown, where she lives with her family. Her youngest daughter is a senior this year and is working with Bloomsburg University in a dual enrollment program. They are hoping to move here permanently in the immediate area after her daughter graduates, and make Muncy their new home. “My husband and I love Muncy and we have been coming here for the last 6 to 7 years,” she said.

She is a staunch Eagles football fan and her office at the school is adorned with Eagles banners and memorabilia.

Grohol also is a dedicated runner and has completed over 100 5K races. “I am really looking forward to this month’s Monster Dash,” she added with excitement. “I plan on running it with my ten year old grandson and 16 year old daughter. All three of us are going to run.”

She is quite fond of the outdoors and serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Park Crest Fish and Game Commission in Brandonville, PA.

In addition to her many talents and interests, Grohol has spent 15 years as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

Overall, teaching is her favorite interest, and she stated that she was the first in her family to go to college.

“All of my teachers were a great group of inspiration to me from K through high school,” she commented. “When I got this job they were one of the first to congratulate me, especially my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Raring and my high school German teacher.” (She also majored in German.) And she remains friends with many of them through Facebook.

Coming up this week she announced that every morning WILQ radio and a different classroom at Myers Elementary will be presenting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Last Friday the school’s OPT (parent teacher organization) held a ‘welcome back’ dance for the elementary students and collected cereal for the Son-Light House, and this Thursday evening will be a Title I parent dinner kick-off.