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PPL uses live theatre to teach lesson

By Staff | Apr 3, 2019

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary With an engaging performance at Myers Elementary School in Muncy, Isabelle Diehl, a student, was asked to join Alyson on stage, one of the performers from the National Theatre for Children for PPL.

MUNCY – Inspiration and entertainment were the propelling factors to enrich young students on the valuable message of safety when it comes to using electricity.

Two performers from the National Theatre for Children (NTC) came to Myers Elementary School on Friday morning, March 22 where they scheduled two performances for the children. “This is the first time PPL brought this particular show to local schools, and so far Muncy is the only school in Lycoming County,” said Tracie Witter, Regional Affairs Director for PPL Electric Utilities.

A grant was used to bring the actors to the elementary school. The kid-friendly stage show used colorful props and engaged the students to learn four lessons on electrical safety: “How electricity is made, the uses of electricity, how to identify danger and the ways to stay safe.”

Three Muncy residents who work for PPL came to watch the performance with their children. Steve Fox who has three children at Myers said he did not tell them he was coming. Steven, age 10, Lola, age 9 and Stella, age 5 were all very surprised to see their father. Jeremy Eckard did tell his son, Bryce, age 11, that he was coming. “Bryce thought he was going to give a speech,” Eckard said. “He was nervous too!”

Scott Moyer, another PPL employee, also came and welcomed his son Bodie, age 10. All three men are sub-station electricians.

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Steve Fox from Muncy, and an electrician with PPL, came to Myers Elementary School on March 22 and surprised his 5 year old daughter, Stella, during the theatre safety program sponsored by PPL.

The actors showed how not to use electricity and how to use it with caution, both indoors and outdoors. They illustrated the dangers of electricity and who is using it unsafely.

“It was a very entertaining way to get a lesson across and to learn what makes electricity work,” said John Tewksbury, one of the teachers who came to watch with his students.

“The lesson explained why we have electricity and taught them the dangers. Water and electricity don’t mix,” said another teacher.

“Plugging too many things into an outlet can cause a spark!” as illustrated by one of the actors from the NTC.

A post show video was shown and games and activities were provided for the classroom.

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Sean is an actor from the National Theatre for Children and came to Myers Elementary School to teach a lesson on electrical safety.

The NTC helps educators inspire and prepare young thinkers by providing performances to schools all over the country. Since 1978 the organization has been bringing valuable messages on a wide range of topics to young people in a fun, memorable and enriching format.

Shows and features are carefully crafted to use very little time while delivering as much information as possible.

The curriculum and shows are usually free because of support from sponsors.

PPL is sponsoring performances at about 30 schools in central and eastern Pennsylvania during March.