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Just One More Thing

By Staff | Nov 5, 2008

Whoever it was that said time travel was impossible was wrong. Just the other day while attending a family wedding, I revisited my childhood neighborhood and was once again an eight year old, trying to keep up to the “big kids.” For one brief moment, there were trees that needed to be climbed, bikes to ride and roller skates ready to zip around the block just one more time.

My trip through time came rather unexpectedly. Corky’s niece was being married and while I gave great thought to the gift we would give and what we should wear, I didn’t take time to wonder who all would be there.

The bride’s father was a Muncy boy who has lived practically around the world but because he still has many relatives in Muncy and is an alumnus of good old MHS, he will always be considered a Muncy boy. As fate would have it his Great-Aunt and cousins lived for several years right next door to me on New Street and were also in attendance at the wedding.

While reminiscing with Rocky West and his sister Sharon, along with their mother Betty and her husband Fred, I was once again the 8-year-old pest, tied to a tree by Rocky and his gang and loving every minute of it! I could almost hear the distinctive way Grandma Rothus used to call the kids in for supper and, for a moment, could feel my skate key hanging around my neck on a red satin ribbon ever ready to race around the block.

Each and every day my knees and other assorted joints remind me that I am no longer 8, 38, or even 48, for that matter. Climbing anything more then a flight of stairs is risky, and my skate key is as rusty as my joints, but for one lovely autumn afternoon I got to remember what New Street was like for an 8-year-old girl and reconnect with some of the people that make memories of that time so very special.

Time travel is indeed possible; all we need to do is slow down for a bit and enjoy the trip.

Just one more thing; happy birthday on Nov. 8 to the very best mother in the world, my mom, Jerry Cummings. Don’t tell her that I told you but she will be 96!