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By Staff | Nov 12, 2008

The other day I became very motivated and decided to clean out our refrigerator. Actually, it wasn’t so much motivation, but the fact that I couldn’t fit another thing into it.

I precariously reached into the back and began pulling items out and touched something gooey, sticky and furry. Suddenly I felt something touch my hand! As I shrieked, I realized it was just the container on the shelf above that had decided to spring a leak. Solidified fat had dropped onto my palm. I tried to take advantage and thought I could use it as a moisturizing treatment as I clean, but then decided it was just too gross.

It’s amazing what can accumulate in the ‘frig; not only food and drinks, but assorted batteries, a half-eaten Easter bunny and half a box of baking soda.

On the bright side, I have the healthiest refrigerator in the county. After all, penicillin comes from mold and I certainly had a lot of that growing in the vegetable drawer. Next week–the freezer.

The Clarkstown-Lairdsville Lutheran Parrish is planning an evangelism project to be held Saturday, Nov. 22 at the Clarkstown Fire Hall. Plans include a children’s Chinese auction, a reserved bid adult silent auction and a public Charity Auction to be held at 7 p.m. Doors open at 3 p.m. for viewing and bidding for the auctions, which close at 6:30 p.m. A buffet style dinner will be served from 4-6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance from church members or at the door.

The Trinity Lutheran Youth Group in Hughesville is selling Christmas cookies to raise money to help out a less fortunate family in the community. Plates of cookies will feature sugar, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, plus some “bark” candy. The cost is $6 for one plate or two for $10. Orders can be placed by calling the church office at 584-3490.

Beginning Saturday, Nov. 22, the East Lycoming Historical Museum gift shop will be open from 11-4: p.m. every Saturday through Dec. 20.

Congratulations to the Hughesville High School Spartan Marching Band, who looked phenomenal at the football game last Friday night and in the Veteran’s Day parade in Muncy on Saturday. You should all be proud because you certainly do excel.

Thanks to my friends Joyce, Brenda and Rita who I worked with in Washington, D.C. many years ago. They made a long trip so that we could have lots of laughs and a fun weekend together!

Birthday wishes go out to the following: Kerri Doran, Lucretia Pacewicz, Ralph Lowe and Stephanie Rigby-Nov. 12; Edythe Burkholder, Kim Rogers, Francis Johnson, Autumn Temple-Nov. 13; George Montgomery, Carl Shaner, Tom Price, Donald Folk and Brenda Wagner-Nov. 14; Jean Houseknecht-Nov. 15; Althea Guinter, Nancy Merrick, Rebecca “Becky” (Colyer) Patts, Casey Snyder-Nov. 16; Jake Fry (hope you get a deer!), Rachel Ovelman, Glen Temple and Brennan Woodrig-Nov. 17; Arlene Strausser, David Flick, Donna Barrows, Tanner Bradley and Wayne Walters-Nov. 18.

Happy anniversary to Gene and Debbie Cahn-Nov. 16, Floyd and Reba (Shaner) Fry, Roger and Sharon Snyder-Nov. 17.

Remember; take the high road because the low road’s so crowded.