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Just One More Thing

By Staff | Nov 19, 2008

Because it’s mid-November and we do live in Pennsylvania, Corky and I, like many of you, have been doing our best to accept that cold weather is coming weather–we like it or not. Like squirrels, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. The wood is stacked and ready to keep us warm; the sweaters and coats have been moved from storage into active duty; and last, but not least, the big bone of contention in our marriage–the electric blanket–has been ceremoniously placed on the bed and dutifully plugged in.

The blanket itself is not really a problem. It’s pretty ordinary and just lays there until it’s actually turned on.

I married a man that prefers to set his side of the blanket to broil, while I am a lightly toasted kind of girl. I grew up in an old house with fairly insufficient heat in all the bedrooms and feel right at home in a cold bedroom with blankets piled up to my chin on a cold winter’s night. Open the window a bit and I’m off to dreamland.

Evidently Corky grew up in a home with heat galore. Bedrooms at his house were always warm and he never knew what it was like to have ice on the inside of the windows when he got up in the morning.

So mid-November marks the beginning of the “blanket wars” in our home. Thank goodness for dual controls because it’s the only saving grace to this very hot topic.

Once, after washing the blanket I got the controls switched around and had awful dreams that I was a piece of bacon sizzling in a pan over an open flame. Poor Corky got up the next morning convinced that there was ice on his mustache. We are much more careful now when we do our initial winter plugging in.

I’ll be the first to admit that my thermostat has gone a little haywire, but I can’t for the life of me see how anyone can sleep with a blanket turned on to crock pot mode. It’s only the beginning of what may be a very long winter but if Slower Cooker Man stays on his side, Igloo Woman will stay on hers and maybe, just maybe, we will celebrate yet another year of wedded bliss come summer.