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Just One More Thing (That is Lost)

By Staff | Dec 12, 2008

Kathi Blaker

They have to be here somewhere. I know that I had them last year when we decorated our tree. They were supposed to be in the container with the balls and tree shirt but they are not.

To say I spent a weekend of frustration is putting it mildly. Have you ever gone to get something, right where it was supposed to be and it wasn’t there? And if it wasn’t where you thought it was, you had no idea in the world where it could be?

I do, however, know where my gold snowflakes aren’t. They are not anywhere in this house and I should know because I have looked through every box, bag, stove drawer and freezer trying to find the stupid things before I lost what little of my mind I have left.

At a time of year where time, money and my patience are in very short supply I had any number of better ways I should have spent my weekend. But because I am now in the stage of my life where remembering is way more of a challenge then it used to be, I wracked my brain, wasting precious cells on stupid gold snowflakes.

They are gone, probably to the place where single socks go after being washed never to be seen again. I’m still frustrated, puzzled and perplexed but I did what I had to do and went out and bought more gold snowflakes. I helped the economy, made my tree beautiful and finally gave up looking in all the wrong places for something that was obviously gone for good.

If this happens to me next year I swear I’m going to make paper chains and string popcorn–that is if I can find the scissors, colored paper and the popcorn popper. I’m not overly optimistic.

Someone once said “Of all the things that I have lost in life, I miss my mind the most.” This week, more then ever, I can definitely relate to that!