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Just One More Thing

By Staff | Jan 8, 2009

I know it’s a whole new year and I was supposed to make a resolution or two but I don’t do that anymore. Resolutions only last until it’s too cold to walk outside like I promised I would.

My resolution to give up dark chocolate lasted a week. I was cold, it was snowing, and the book I’d been reading was a real tear jerker; dark chocolate was the only thing to pull me out of that deep dark place.So I would eat chocolate and not walk and would spend the rest of the winter being frustrated by my inability to keep my resolution. No more resolutions!

I’ll just try to be a better, more aware person and when spring arrives I’ll put down my reading, rise up from the couch like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and maybe take a walk.

If I were the kind of person that makes resolutions I suppose I could resolve to not be so hard on good old Corky. He is such a good guy. But if I would promise not to do that, then I couldn’t share with you my irritation over his newest little annoying quirk. Whenever I say something like “did you let the dog outside?” He says “What?” and then says “Yes, I did.” He acts like he didn’t quite hear me and just as I am about to repeat my question he answers me.

After twenty plus years of listening to me I wouldn’t doubt that his old ears may be a bit worn. But if his hearing is fine and as far as I know there are no time delays in what leaves my mouth and the arrival time to his ears, then what’s happening? Whatever it is, I hope it stops pretty soon or I may have to resort to writing him notes. The “huhs?” and “whats?” are wearing out their welcome.

If New Year’s resolutions work for you, that’s great, but I think I’d rather stick with my dark chocolate, a good book and a sweetie that makes me repeat almost everything I say. I’m still frustrated but at least I don’t have to feel bad about not keeping my resolution again.