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By Staff | Jan 21, 2009

Most men do not enjoy shopping unless it pertains specifically to them and any new electronic purchase. I have an inane sense of knowing when a shoe sale is going on and didn’t realize that certain males possess a similar gene and can know when an electronics sale is occurring.

Last weekend my husband and I witnessed a male ritual which I thought had only existed as an urban legend. On Saturday, Circuit City began the first of their many sales before closing their doors. My husband and I arrived at the store 10 minutes before it opened. Since it was so cold, we waited in the car. As I casually looked around, I noticed that there were other cars with engines running, attempting to keep their occupants warm. Apparently, a few other people had the same idea as us. As the clocked clicked closer to 10 a.m., one brave sole decided to go up to see if the doors were open. Panic began to cross the faces of the other customers waiting in their cars; what if they weren’t the first ones through the doors; what if someone else picked up the MP3 player they had been eyeing?

Slowly and methodically car doors began to open. It was like the scene from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” when all the zombies begin walking towards the haunted house. A parade of determined, unyielding males, slowly walking up to the front doors to claim their spot.

Finally, with one minute before the store opened, there were 17 men standing outside the door. Along with them were four women and one small child, whom I felt terrified for. As the doors opened, like lemmings to the sea, the customers streamed into the store to find their treasures-my husband and I tagging along behind. I think Circuit City needs a new marketing plan. From what I saw, if they would sell beer and have ESPN on all the time, I think they could still make a go of it. Good luck to all the employees at Circuit City.

A meeting of the Sullivan Highland Alumni Association will be held at the country Friends Caf (former Vale Restaurant on Rt 220) to make plans for this year’s annual banquet. Saturday, Jan. 24 at 9:30 a.m. Snow date will be Jan. 31. For additional information contact Carol St. Clair 570-482-2311 or Elaine Mudrick 570-525-3605.

Soup fundraiser will be held Wednesday, Jan. 21 at Valley United Methodist Church, Rt 220 between Muncy Valley and Sonestown. Sold by the quart. Orders may be picked up between 12:30 and 2:30 p.m.

Congratulations to Jodi and Mark Ellis on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Amber Rose. Amber will join big brother Josh at home.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Jonathan Shaner who was recently wounded in Iraq. Jonathan is back in the U.S. now and is undergoing medical treatment at Walter Reed Hospital.

Birthday wishes go out to Kathy Fought, Warren Haskins, Spencer Jones, Kara Snyder and Mike Turi-Jan. 21; Cathy McCoy, Brandon Ediger and my good friend Lea Ann Hawk-Jan. 22; Janet Kohler, Tyler James Girven, Charles Opp, Billie Jo Sontheimer, Albert Keller and Asiah Savage-Jan. 23; Jonathan Shaner and Ashkei Bower-Jan. 24; Debbie Ranck and Steve Culver-Jan. 25; Steve Houseknecht, Carly Ann Hinchliffe, Corey Groom and Jeremiah Burgett-Jan. 26; Janet Confer, Karen Spring, Glenna Gardner and Billy Keller-Jan. 27.

Happy anniversary to: Sharon and Rodney Wertz, Jack and Pat Rushoe-Jan. 21.

My Superbowl prediction: Steelers will go all the way.

Take the high road; because the low road’s so crowded.