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By Staff | Jan 21, 2009

Approximately 20 robins were spotted by Christopher Davis’ sixth grade students at Ferrell Elementary in Picture Rocks last Tuesday, Jan. 13. No doubt the harbingers of Spring left in a hurry for warmer temperatures after last week’s deep freeze phase.

Chalk one up for MHS ninth-grade student Jordan Reitz, who submitted a short video and won first prize in a nationwide video contest sponsored by the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE).

As a result, she was invited to attend a conference last December in Washington, DC, where her video was on display. Although she was unable to attend, she will receive by postal mail a certificate or award recognizing her selection. In addition, Disney donated passes to visit Animal Kingdom to all the winners.

Her video, titled “Chicks and Ticks” may be viewed by navigating the NCSE’s web site, or “http://www.youtube.com.”>www.youtube.com. Jordan is the daughter of Lyn and Jeff Reitz, of Muncy.

Many Luminary alumni have gone on to better their journalism careers, and Muncian Michelle Falck is no different. Ms. Falck, who penned articles for our readers for far too-briefly-of-a-time in 2006, moved to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia after securing a dream job at Old Dominion University. Now, she’s influencing the Tidewater region with her talents, writing a column called “Passport Palates” for Taste, available both in printed and online publication. Her musings on ethnic food restaurants may be read by visiting www.24sevencities.com.