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By Staff | Feb 11, 2009

Casualness is becoming the norm in our society. Long gone are the days when women would wear hats and white gloves; or when men would carry handkerchiefs. To this day, my father still carries a handkerchief with him where ever he goes. I find it to be a touch of elegance in a less-than-elegant world.

When did it become acceptable to wear pajama bottoms or slippers to the store or the mall? Athletic wear and warm up suits now seem to be the appropriate dress code when going out to dinner.

My preferred dress when I am at home is sweatpants, a big comfy sweatshirt and fluffy bedroom slippers, and I’ll even go to the store dressed like that (sans the slippers). However, I believe there are times when one needs to dress appropriately; to show respect for oneself and others.

It has long been a dilemma about appropriate dress at church. Mimi once said, “God doesn’t care what you wear to church, but it wouldn’t kill you to get dressed up once in a while.” Apparently even our new President is encouraging a new casual style in the White House as well.

If we tend to become consistently casual in our dress, how long will it be before this concept drifts to other parts of our consciousness? Will we become casual with our manners, responsibilities values and ethics? Today when you walk out the door, give yourself the once over and make sure you’ve changed out of your pjs before you leave the house.

Congratulations to Boy Scout Troop 26, Hughesville, who braved cold temperatures to compete in the Klondike Derby last weekend. The troop took third place overall and was also awarded the Mountain Man Award.

Hughesville High School is sponsoring a Financial Aid Night on Wed., Feb. 11, starting at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium. Parents and students of juniors and seniors from the area are encouraged to attend.

Congratulations to Michelle Sullivan who made Susquehanna University’s Dean’s List for the fall 2008 semester.

Have you noticed something missing from the corners of Main and Water Streets in Hughesville? In case you don’t know, the town clock has been removed and will be relocated across the street once the intersection project and new park area is completed sometime in 2010.

Don’t forget your sweetheart! This Saturday is Valentine’s Day!

I traveled to warmer weather last week and have to make up for lots of birthday wishes. Happy birthday to the following: Mike Laychur and Diane Little-Feb. 1; Kelli (Bickhart) Worthington, Julie Brink, Josh Strickland and Kase Snyder-Feb. 2; Jessica Milheim, Rebecca Temple, Bailey and Bryn Derrick-Feb. 3; Paul Falk-Feb. 4; Penny (Forse) Barto, Priscilla Blass, Brittany Snyder, Justin Nearhoof and Alexis Wilt-Feb. 5; John Marquardt, Diana Murray, Ali Montgomery and Nancy Repaci-Feb. 6; Doris Starr, Kara Worley, Dick Bradley and Cassandra Phillips-Feb. 7; Wes Johnson, Robert Hager, Joshua Stugart and one of my other sons, Josh Fry- Feb 8; Molly Hitesman, Sue (Harriman) McConnell, Linda Bower, Dorothy Fague, Lucy Temple, Virginia Rabert and Sue Fitzgerald-Feb 9; Luke Hackenberger, Ron McGregor, Elaine Waltz, Beth Coates, Denny Wagner, Connie Kessler, Tiffany Speece and Myron Smith-Feb. 10; Erica Sherwood, Pam Vandine, Shirley Fry, Michelle Shaner and Lisa Corbin-Feb. 11; my friend Pam Jones, Ronnie Dirk, Susan Frantz, Cieera Temple and Jim Savage-Feb. 12; Floyd Christmas, Nancy (Sheets) DeWire, Beth Bitler, Lori Davis and Phyllis Farnsworth-Feb. 13; Nathan Babcock, Guy Wagner, Keith Phillips, Brooke Whitmoyer and James Walters-Feb. 14; Elicia Charles and Eric Staman-Feb. 15; Mary Maciejewski, Jim Patterson, Helen Richie, Jared Snyder, Dean Temple, Mike Fry, Jared Snyder and David Booth-Feb. 17.

And a very special happy birthday wish to our son, Coleman, who officially became a teenager on Feb. 4. Thank you for being the most wonderful boy ever/ You amaze us every day.

Happy anniversary to the following: Woody (“my love for her exhausts me”) and Ruth (VanBuskirk) Fry-Feb. 13; Jim and Randi Doebler and Dick and Dixie Welsh-Feb. 14; Clyde and Betty (Fry) Ludwig (63 years)-Feb. 15.

Performances of Pippin! will be held at the Hughesville High School Auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 26, through Saturday, Feb. 28, at 7 p.m.

Don Myers’ cat resisted visiting the vet. The twosome had a round and the score was; cat-1, Don-0. Here’s wishing Don a speedy recovery.

Remember; take the high road because the low road’s so crowded.