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Just One More Thing

By Staff | Feb 11, 2009

Allow me to preface my forthcoming comments by saying I love my children, I love being a mom, each pregnancy was pretty great and I feel very fortunate to never have had to suffer with infertility.

Having said that, now I can tell you how I really feel about the woman with six kids at home under 7 years of age, eight babies in the hospital, no husband, is currently unemployed, and the doctor that was crazy enough to help this woman fulfill her dream of a big family. It sounds like a nightmare to me.

I was fortunate that my children arrived one at a time. I needed those years in between to adjust to the joy, craziness, sleepless nights, runny noses and expanding financial stress’s that accompanied each new addition.

I think I could have handled twins if that had happened, but any more than two babies at one time and I know that they would have had a heck of a time getting me to leave the hospital. I would have been discharged under extreme protest.

I’m not sure what the maximum stay in the hospital is these days following a multiple birth but I would have taken it to the limit and then some. God gave me two of everything needed to raise a child; two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, two well you get the picture. I just know that the third baby would have been the needy one, no patience and a short fuse. What the heck do you do with eight babies?

I think it would be a splendid idea if the fertility specialist would move in with “Super Mom” and kick in a few bucks to help keep her dreams alive, fed, clothed, educated and safe. When you’re a parent the love comes easily but love doesn’t keep the kids in shoes or pay the rent.

I know this miracle birth took place in California but I have a feeling that the whole country will be helping to raise this woman’s dream family for more years then we care to think about.

I wish them well.