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Hughesville events

By Staff | Aug 9, 2011

Fun Fact For The Week: Corn is America’s number one field crop and leads all other crops in value and volume of production. One ear of corn averages 800 kernels in 16 rows, and one pound of corn consists of approximately 1,300 kernels. It’s time for fresh homegrown tomatoes and corn!! My record is eight ears of corn and four tomatoes! Yum!

Pet Peeve For The Week: The closing of Borders Bookstore.

Hughesville events

The 39+ Club will meet August 10 at Trinity Lutheran Social Hall. They will be having a catered dinner. You must be signed up to attend and enjoy. Please bring a table setting.

St. John Lutheran Church of Gordner’s Grove in Unityville will be holding a Chicken BBQ on Saturday, August 13 at 2 p.m. and the Greenwood Valley Boys will be featured. Tickets are required in advance by calling 458-5237, 458-6983, 458-6359 or 482-2516.

Little Spartan Football and Cheerleading will be holding an All-Star Breakfast on Sunday, August 21 from 1-11 a.m. at the Picture Rocks Fire Hall. Come out and support our young football players and cheerleaders.

The Eagles Mere Friends of the Arts 2011 season will be ending soon, but there are still a few fabulous events taking place. Brain/Food will be held on Thursday, August 11 at 6 p.m. in the Community Hall. A potluck dinner followed by a book discussion.

Morelalnd Baptist Church will hold a chicken BBQ on Aug. 13 at 2 p.m. Take-outs available.

On Saturday, August 20 at 8 p.m. the Keystone Jazz Group will perform in a tribute to the group’s founder, the late Derf Nolde. It plans to be a very special evening.

Finally on Sunday, August 21 at 4 p.m. “Music In The Mountains”. The young and talented students of Debby Reeder and Barbara Sonies present their annual classical concert.

Happy Birthday to: Lauren Freed, Amanda Pulsifer and Noah Wodrig Aug. 1; Bruce Barto, Diana (Rider) Charles, Samantha “Sami” Duttry, and Lacy (Callahan) Hess Aug. 2; Reba (Shaner) Fry, Jona Wolfgang, Max Miller, Logan McCoy, Jon Percival and Emily Temple Aug. 3; Aaron Woodside, Brandon Woodside, Troy Peterman, Ben Turi and Ryan Wodrig Aug. 4; Hayley Lupold, Wayne Sager, Melanie Starner and Carole Troutman Aug. 5; Ruth Shaner, Sue Swisher, Rusty Bitler, Nancy Ferrell, Kylee Knopp, Galen Houseknecht, Nathan Krepinevich and Charlotte Snyder Aug. 6; John VanBuskirk, Oliver Holmes and Lois Folk Aug. 7; Jack Smith, Susan Stackhouse, Samantha Brehm, Orrel Rider and Rene Snyder Aug. 8; Mona Pettenger, Regina Willis, Katie Fisher, Wayne Robbins and Jackie Wagner Aug. 9; Liam Turnbow and Angie Murphy Aug. 10; The Rev. Robert Berger, Jim McKee, Nicole VanHorn, Kylie Wright, Irma McConnell and Taylor Temple Aug. 11; Anna Simons and Susan Woodsides Aug. 12; Mindy Foresman, J. C. Aderhold, Jeff Houseknecht, Eileen Winter, Michaela Stiger, Amaya Copeland and Derek Pulsifer Aug. 13; Hannah Barto, Lynn Temple and Rogene Wagner Aug. 14; Barry Hodge, Roger Bower and Sarah Wagner Aug. 15; Gregory Holmes, Melanie (Murray) McCoy, Samantha Patts and Kendall Peterman Aug. 16.

Happy Anniversary to: Matthew & Amber (Babcock) Hildebrand and John & Susan Kapp Aug. 1; Jim & Ginny Waugh Aug. 7; John & Mary (Miller) Mincemoyer Aug 8; Erik & Shannon (McConnell) Barlett, Harvey & Betty Ann (Montague) Sullivan and David & Carol Fishel Aug. 10; T. J. & Amanda Sheets Aug. 11; Scott & Molly Delany Aug. 12; Chris Secules & Jennifer Malinovsky Aug. 13; Howard & Rachel Langdon Aug. 14; Gerald & Leigh (Lore) Houseknecht and Richard & Marsha Baer Aug. 15; Edward & Angie Murphy Aug. 16.

Remember; take the high road because the low road’s so crowded.