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Hughesville locals

By Staff | Sep 20, 2011

Hughesville Senior Citizens will meet at Hughesville Baptist Church on September 23 at noon. North Central Sight Services is the entertainment.

Homemade Applesauce Fundraiser will be held on Friday, September 23 at the Bethany United Methodist Church, Hughesville. Call 584-2044 or 584-2301 for orders.

An All-You-Can-Eat Sunday Breakfast will be held on Sunday, September 25 from 7:30 a.m. 1 p.m. at the Lairdsville Volunteer Fire Company.

All area women are invited to attend this fall’s Women2Women Event on September 22 and 29 at 7 p.m. at the Rock Run Church on Route 220 in Muncy Valley. Each evening there will be a time to sing songs of praise, plus Bible study and fellowship. For more information and to register, please contact Mrs. Kathryn Bechtel at 482-2277.

I’ve been late with all my birthday messages so here goes! Happy Birthday wishes to: Dale Cahn, Annette Sheets and Mike Snyder Sept. 1; Jim Wentzel, Joan Lowe, Chris Nearhoof, DiaVonte Rogers and Margaret Rupert Sept. 2; Phil DeWire, Jamie Fenstermaker and Jon Lowe, Ethan Wodrig and Jamie Zimmerman Sept. 3; Donna Taggart, Karen Young, Marian Springman, Joseph Taggart and my neighbor, Sue Edner Sept. 4; Bethany Lunger and Tim Herr Sept. 5; Jacob “Jake” Roberts, Jeff Snyder and Jason Kapp Sept. 6; Tim Kepner, Clifford Wentzler, Scott White, Martin Gottschall and Kelly Kopchick Sept. 7; Nathan Stein, Lester Vandine, Zack Strickland, Abigail Staman and Laura Snyder and one of my very best friends, Lori (Wallis) Glitzer Sept. 9; The amazing Ethan Burns, Ruth Wentzel, Steve Temple and Courtney Zook Sept. 10; Katie Blair, Andrew Miller, Drew Pulsifer and Robin Harman Sept. 11; Brooke Lowe, Crystal Falk and Gary Strickland Sept. 12; Joshua Hill, H. Ray Spotts, Jay Snyder, Melva Smith and Laura Jodry Sept. 13; Nadine Turnbow, Gabrielle Staman, Amanda Sheets, Missy Rogers and Mary Ellen Bitler Sept. 14; Matt Dill, Madi Dill, Heather Jones and Darcy Ryder Sept. 16; Debbie (McKee) White and Tinecia Repard Sept. 17; Eleanor Shaffer, Joe Sheehan, Katie Vandine and Patrick Hager Sept. 18; Emily Aderhold, Sara Aderhold, Donald Bartlow, Erich Doebler, Sara Jane Patterson, John M. Stiger, Ken Sheets and Florence Knopp Sept. 19; Jessica Liuzza Sept. 20; Shannon (McConnell) Barlett, Seth Foresman and Gary Vandine Sept. 21; Caitlin Marcyan, Josh Brokaw, Bill Groom and Tom Smith Sept. 22; Jane (Myers) Hopkins, Kelly Schweikart, David T. Snyder, Kristy Sheets and Steven Newman Sept. 23; Alyssa Rogers, Mark Miller, Larry G. Snyder, Jared Ellis, Alma Jean Snyder and Dan Brink Sept. 24; Jacob Hill, Dorothy (Rider) Smith, Roschele Snyder, Cindy Johnson and Joshua Sweeney Sept. 25; Marjorie (Wenzel) Frantz, Sydney Hampton, and Tina Moyer Bardo Sept. 26; Kyle Patts, Tom Swisher, Michelle VanHorn, Frank Shetler, Logan Culver, Tom Coates and James Savage Sept. 27; Kelsey Ritter, Kristine Hackett and Katy Snyder Sept. 28; Jim Doebler Sept. 29; Arla (Walters) Appleman, Gavin Meador, Grant Smith and Ina Phillips Sept. 30.

Happy Anniversary to: Ken & Kristy Sheets Sept. 2; George & Susan (Deffenbaugh) Edkin, Scott & Sue Swisher and Pastor Tom & Dorothea Brokaw Sept. 3; Our beach buddies Scott & Denise Aderhold, Dean & Jennifer Temple Sept. 7; Erich & Desiree’ (Hoch) Doebler and Tom & Nancy Price Sept. 8; Paul & Sally Bower Sept. 10; Tom & Beth Coates Sept. 11; David & Pam Aunkst Sept. 12; Shawn & Joan Ayers Sept. 13; Glen & Lucy Temple Sept. 14; Mike & Nancy (Fought) Sullivan and Brady & June Lower Sept. 15; Jim & Christie (Odell) Foresman, Ron & Penny (Forse) Barto Sept. 16; Gary & Ann Vandine and Bob & Lisa Brown Sept. 17; Kevin & Brenda Strickland Sept. 18; George & Pauline (Ritter) Montgomery, Jon & Emilie (Barto) Kuntz Sept. 19; Jason & Mary Pat (Bower) Burns, Brett & Kelli (Womelsdorf) Holmes, Scott & Arla (Walters) Appleman, Mike & Sandy Fry and Rodney &Ina Phillips Sept. 20; Greg & Chris Shuck Sept. 22; Alex & Danielle (Haney) Person, Jeff & Judy Ryder and Jeff & Milissa Hammond Sept. 23; David & Roschele Snyder and Paul & Crystal Falk Sept. 24; Wayne & Harriet Watts Sept. 25; Mark & Diane (Millheim) Egly Sept. 27; George & Fannie Kapp Sept. 28;

Remember; take the high road because the low road’s so crowded.