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Hughesville locals

By Staff | Jan 10, 2012

Fun Fact ForThe Week: January is known as National Soup Month and the Latin root word for January comes from “ianua” which means “Door”.

Pet Peeve For The Week: Old Man Winter, why do you taunt me so? I know you’re just around the corner!

Second Pet Peeve ForThe Week: Pittsburgh Steelers seriously?!

Kudos to the Hughesville Police Department for keeping an eye on Cemetery and Broad Streets during the morning school rush. Some drivers seem to think it is a raceway when they should actually be more aware of traffic, students walking and crossing the street.

Attendees to December’s harp benefit concerts by Donna Missigman and Wendy McCormick garnered $2,900 for flood relief in Lycoming and Sullivan Counties.

Hughesville events

The 39+ club will meet on January 11 at the Trinity Lutheran Church Social Hall in Hughesville at 11:45 a.m. Bring a dish to share for lunch. There will be bingo after lunch. New members are always welcome.

Bethany United Methodist Church will be having a Vegetable Soup Sale on Friday, January6 20. Please order by January 18 by calling 584-2044 or 584-2301.

TOPS Take OffPounds sensibly meets at the Evangelical Friends Church in Hughesville every Tuesday from 6-7:30 p.m. Call 584-4123 or 584-4530.

The Hughesville Glen Sharrow American Legion Post 35 Ladies Auxiliary monthly meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the 1st floor meeting room the 2ndMonday of every month. All members and prospective members are welcome.

I’m behind on my December birthdays to belated Happy Birthday wishes to: Harry Rogers, Grace Delany, Christianna Hager, Robert Peterman, Alice Ruth Fuller and John Snyder Dec. 22; Beth Ann (Foresman) Smith, Jared Shaner, William Kapp, Shane McCoy, Cricket Nicholas and Holly Whitmoyer Dec. 23; Cathy (Rogers) Laubach, Mike Gardner, Heather Getgen, Sean Houseknecht and Anita Wertz Dec. 24; Randi K. (DeWees) Doebler, Jane Voneida, Carol Schneider, Christie Livermore, Jesse Confer, John Fuller, Michael Wallis and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Dec. 25; Cathy (Deppen) Houseknecht, James Meador, Nanci Spring, Duane Gardner, Ephraim Langdon, Heather Peterman, Jonathan Dvorshock and Vivian Zeisloft Dec. 26; Brian Gerney, Allie Reese, Laura Copeland, Mike McCoy and Florence Neuhard Dec. 27; Gail Shaner, Kyra Fry, Ann (Barto) Milheim, Margaret Boyer, Kourtney Hoover, Rosella Warrick and Chase Harman Dec. 28; John Steel, Traci Clementoni, Bill A. DeWire, John McConnell, Lois Maneval and Lisa Brown Dec. 29; Molly Armstrong, Ashley Taggart, Harold Rider, Ron Miller, Stephanie Hunsucker, Earl Ritter, Pamela Rogers and Debra Rosbach Dec. 30, Anne (Townsend) Bulkley, Joy Garverick, Willow Moon Bolick, Josephine Houseknecht and Sharon Snyder Dec. 31.

Happy JanuaryBirthday wishes to: Jule Egly, Eldora Davis, Howard Davis, Katrina Haueisen and Duane Lamper Jan. 1; Lola Smith, Christopher Brown, Teresa Moyer and Linda Robbins Jan. 2; Judy Harman Jan. 3; Mike Bieber, Sara Scheffey, Donovan Shultz and Alyson Taggart Jan. 4; Scott Aderhold, Jeff Bower, Kirk Gottschall, Patty Mattson and Rachel Snyder Jan. 5; Brailey Frantz, Katie Miller, Kate Stiger, Robert Ayers and Pam Fraser Jan. 6; Debbie (Johnson) Dirk, Amanda Miller, Edgar Myers, Lydia Getgen, Bob Raup, Jane Streeter and Debbie Temple Jan. 7; Amber (Babcock) Hildebrand, Jerry Racey, Adam Welch, Kaitlyn Sheets, Loretta Raup, William Ritter and Steve Sullivan Jan. 8; Carilee Dill, Roseanna Barto and Bruce Weaver Jan. 9; Jenelle “Jenny” Hess, Nancy (Starr) Hodge, Anthony “Tony” Patts, Justin Green, Kade Temple and Scott Wertz Jan. 10; Trent Hess, Maya Poust and Donna Stackhouse Jan. 11; Diane Ellis and Judy Ryder Jan. 12; Lewis Bogart, Andrew Coakley, Michael Coakley, Judy Snyder, Sarah Wagner, Shawn Dirk, Tyler Patts, and my most wonderful cousin, David Voneida Jan. 13; Amy Martinelli and Rancy Wagner Jan. 14; Barbara Pepper, Jacob Gray, Brady Snyder and Carrie Temple Jan. 15; John Stiger, Bob Brown, Vivian Keller, John Puterbaugh, Kandis Snyder, Sharon Spring, Dale Stugart and Ethan Stugart Jan. 16; Scott Armstrong, Gene Cahn, Rachel Bitler, Ralph Mecone and Pat Gottschall Jan. 17; Betty Baysore, Roger Snyder and Rae Ann Temple Jan. 18; Kelly (Cahn) Gresh and Danielle Swisher Jan. 19.

Also, belated Happy Anniversary wishes to: Jack & Dorothy (Rider) Smith, Jim & Pat (Reese) McKee Dec. 23; Bruce & Betty Barto, H. Ray & Barbara (Levy) Spotts Dec. 24; Darcy & Nan (Wanamaker) Ryder and Greg & Laurie Houseknecht Dec. 26; Greg & Dani (Stauffer) Hackenberger Dec. 28; Pastor Paul & Sue Fitzgerald Dec. 29; Tom & Carolyn “Butch” Swisher Dec. 30.

Happy January Anniversary to: Pastor Pete & Ruth Bergstresser and John & Kate Stiger Jan. 6; Lynn & Conne Reece and Bryan & Crystal Langdon Jan. 7; Rod & Sharon (Welborn) Wertz Jan. 21.

Remember; take the high road because the low road’s so crowded.