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WVIA Update for MUNCY

By Staff | Jul 24, 2012


A community session discussing final ideas for the WVIA Muncy Our Town documentary was held this past week, and now interviews are scheduled to begin on Saturday, August 11. Resident videographers and those with camcorders have until August 11 to submit any footage with stories about Muncy to WVIA. The footage will then be used to make the “Our Town Muncy” documentary. Anyone who is interested in being a videographer or storyteller can contact producer, Lisa Mazzarella at 507-602-1164 or be e-mailing lisamazzarella@wvia.org.

“Our Town Muncy” will be WVIA’s tenth edition of its “Our Town”

documentary series. The one-hour video scrapbook will focus on the people,

places and happenings of Muncy, PA., as seen through the eyes of its

residents. All submissions, video and still shots will be welcome.