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By Staff | Aug 8, 2012

Just when it seems that things rarely change in Hughesville, I turn a corner in town and am faced with the sight of bulldozers and wrecking crews! This past week I saw a change in the appearance of West Water Street with the demolition of a building that has housed a lumber company, consignment shop, and several restaurant businesses. I don’t yet know what is planned for the site, but we’ll all be watching.

There are work crews out doing some repairs and patching on borough streets, and also some work on the water and storm sewer lines underground, so please be cautious when you see the orange cones! The streets in town are kept in pretty good condition which is a real benefit to all of us. While there are some areas where it is rough going on foot, many folks are recognizing the benefits of improving their sidewalks. With the increase we’ve seen in motor traffic in Hughesville over the last couple of years, I think it’s especially important that people have a good surface on which to walk. Going in the street is dangerous at best, and with children it is really scary! I applaud those who are making the effort to improve their property with upgrades to sidewalks.

There are two events coming up at the Hughesville Area Public Library. Pre-school Story Hour, including stories and a seasonal craft project, will be on Friday, August 10. For children in grades K-6 the Summer Reading event is “Dog Day”, featuring two therapy dogs and two reading dogs (that is, dogs that like to be read to, not dogs that can read although that would be very interesting, too!) Be sure to register for both programs by calling 584-3762.

August brings many events that punctuate the summer season. This weekend there are events in both Dushore and Eagles Mere that are worth a drive up the mountain. Dushore will celebrate Founders Day with many fun activities to watch, like the Outhouse and Roll-a-Keg races, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, plus food and craft vendors. Eagles Mere’s Village Green will be the site of the 42nd annual Arts and Crafts Festival.

I hope everyone has enjoyed watching the Olympics as much as I have. Although staying up for the prime time coverage has made it tough to respond to my morning alarm clock cheerfully, I have been astounded by the dedication and work these many athletes have demonstrated in their competitions. I previously mentioned Josh Richmond from Hillsgrove who competed in shooting events this last week. While he did not place in the medal-awards, Josh certainly gave a great effort and we should all be proud of our local Olympian!

The Perseid meteor shower occurs Saturday for sky-watchers. Be sure to enjoy these “dog days” of August.

Hughesville events

Friday, August 10, 10:30-11:30 a.m., Pre-school Story Hour at the Hughesville Public Library.

Monday, August 13, 2-3 p.m., “Dog Day” Summer Reading event for grades K-6.

Saturday, August 11, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Dushore Founders Day.

Saturday and Sunday, August 11 & 12, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Eagles Mere Arts and Crafts Festival.

Thursday, August 16, noon 6 p.m., Red Cross Blood Drive at the Hughesville Fire Hall.