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The Odd Couple – from a female’s perspective

By Staff | Oct 23, 2012

MUNCY – Life goes from bad to worse as the hilarity goes higher and higher! “The Odd Couple” (female version) is just that; Felix and Oscar become mismatched female roommates, Florence and Olive in Neil Simon’s adaptation of his own play.

The seasoned performers at Muncy High School will be presenting four live performances of this timeless and endearing wholesome production at 7:30 p.m. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 8, 9 and 10 and a 2:00 p.m. Sunday matine November 11.

The play opens at Olive Madison’s (played by senior Nickolette Jones) sloppy apartment, as she hosts a ladies’ night with some of her friends. As Sylvia, Mickey, Rene and Vera sit around the table playing a game of Trivia Pursuit, exposing their contrasting hilarious personalities, they learn that their friend, Florence Unger (Muncy senior Corina Dunlap) has disappeared after splitting with her husband. When she shows up disoriented and coming apart at the seams, Florence has nowhere to go and Olive offers a place for her to stay in her messy spacious Riverside Drive, New York apartment.

Olive never realized that her kind and compassionate intentions would soon turn on her and create a situation worse then the marriages they both left. Hypochondriac Florence recovers, takes over and begins cooking and cleaning. Their two different worlds collide head on and the cleaner Florence becomes the sloppier Olive gets.

Two Spanish brothers who live upstairs, Jesus Constazuela (played by senior Yanni Pashakis) and Manolo Constazuela (Muncy sophomore Josh Lloyd) meet Olive in the elevator and her lonely life that is seeking male companionship turns into an unforgettable clash of cultures and emotions. Florence, Olive and the Constazuela brothers get together in Olive’s now Florence organized apartment and with her culinary perfect dinner everything turns into a hilarious exchange of confusion between them all that throws Florence into yet another spell of illness and pain and Olive frustrated to a breaking point.

Bob Taylor, Muncy High School Theatre Director, was so pleased with the experience, talent and depth of the students he decided to double cast the four friends. Thursday and Saturday nights performances will feature seniors Katie Stepp and Becky Smith, Sophomore Bridget Murphy and Freshman Cassie Swisher. Friday night and Sunday’s matine will roll out the talents of seniors Becca Kriner and Vicky Smith, Junior Rachel Michalich and Freshman Olivia Wetherhold.

Performances will be at the Muncy High All School auditorium, 200 West Penn Street, Muncy. Admission fee required with discount for students. Refreshments will also be available. For more information, call 570-419-3106 or 570-220-6790.