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Hughesville locals

By Staff | Jun 25, 2013

I find it amazing every year to see how far northward the sunrise and sunset are

at the summer solstice. I have a couple of windows that face northeast and

usually there is no direct sunlight. During June, however, there are sunbeams

banishing shadows from every corner. It lasts such a short time, though,

and soon the days will begin to shorten and those dark corners will return. Thank goodness for electric lights!

There have been some “rays of sunshine” for Hughesville’s economic and business climate in the recent past, like the fact that many houses which were listed for sale just this spring now have “Sold” signs in the front yard.

Also, PennDOT has been checking traffic patterns and volume on several streets in the borough recently. I understand that there is some discussion (again) about the need for a traffic light at the intersection of North Main Street and US Route 220. Most drivers in the area have experienced headaches when trying to negotiate the turn from Main Street to 220 South or when traveling north on 220 (Pennsdale to Picture Rocks). Many people

tell me they avoid that intersection as much as possible, especially at the busy morning and late afternoon times. Any improvements in traffic flow will increase the safety level for everyone and relieve a lot of frustration.

On the negative side of local economics, it was recently announced that Hughesville’s First National Bank will be closing in the very near future. Account holders have been notified that they will need to switch their accounts to a different First National location, or choose another bank. We’ll all be watching to see if the appearance of the Main Street business district has any other changes — hopefully they will be in the positive


Are your children finding sufficient suitable ways to keep themselves occupied now that the summer school vacation has begun? While many students seem to have a very busy schedule year round, some may be looking for fun and

entertaining things to do. Hughesville Area Public Library has many things going on as part of its summer reading program. There are things for kids from pre-school to senior high, so if your children aren’t registered, visit the library or call 584-3762 to get more information and schedules of activities. Many churches in the area are also holding annual Bible School programs. There is a wide variety of structure so be sure to check with the church of your choice to see what is available. You may also find opportunities for volunteering your time and/or talents, or your older children may enjoy helping out with programs for younger kids.