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Hughesville locals Dec. 25

By Staff | Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! I know that my greeting will not appear until after December 25, but I prefer to celebrate all twelve days of Christmas, not just one! While I don’t attempt to give gifts each day, and don’t expect any, I like the lights, the music, and the family time that comes from the 25th through the first week of January.

Old Man Winter, or Mother Nature, or someone with a mysterious sense of humor has certainly given us all a workout this month! One day I’m locating the second snow shovel, then I have to find an umbrella, and it’s a toss-up when deciding what jacket or coat to wear. Do I take gloves along? Should I have a hat? What a roller-coaster of temperatures! My limited closet space becomes more jumbled as the weeks roll by, but I know somehow we’ll make it through whatever is thrown at us.

While I try not to make many New Year’s resolutions, one that I encourage is a promise to treat oneself to frequent visits to the Hughesville Area Public Library. Technology is constantly moving forward and the library is changing to an upgraded cataloging and circulation system in early 2014 which is expected to help the staff improve service to all their patrons.

Many people in the area are enjoying eReaders like the Kindle, the Nook, or others, and have found the joy of borrowing books electronically. HAPL offers assistance in use of these devices, so if you were lucky enough to have unwrapped an eReader, let the librarians at Hughesville Library get you started.

With New Year’s Eve coming mid-week, there are many places in the area where folks can find the type of celebration that they will enjoy. My father was a big believer in traditions and counted on having oyster stew on New Year’s Eve, then watching the countdown to midnight. Dinner on January 1 never varied. We always ate pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and my mother’s wonderful dumplings. The origin of this menu is a mystery to me, but Dad claimed we’d have good luck for the coming year if we started it out with these foods. I’ve been following that pattern most of my life, fearful, I guess, that if I break the cycle, I’ll have no one to blame but myself for any mishaps or bad luck that come my way!

Whether you have traditions like these, or if you like to try different year-end or year-beginning experiences, I hope that everyone will stay safe, share blessings, and cherish friends and family.