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Hughesville Locals Mar. 12

By Staff | Mar 11, 2014

I refuse to let March snowfalls dampen my spirits! With only a week to go until the vernal equinox, I know that any frozen precipitation will be short-lived, and will just help keep the soil moist so it can thaw and allow for a profusion of spring bulbs to sprout and bloom. I’m watching for robins, too, although I’m sure some of you have already seen some.

My backyard bird feeders have been popular all winter with several species of songbirds and, of course, with the local squirrels. While I have not recently witnessed any hawks using my yard as a hunting area, the other night I encountered an opossum right at the edge of the patio! Our dog seems to be losing some of her awareness of things around her and walked within five feet of the nocturnal visitor without any reaction.

I guess the sunflower seeds spilled on the ground were a tasty treat while he didn’t exactly “play possum” and feign death, he did freeze in place and refuse to be shooed away, baring his teeth and softly hissing when he decided I was too close. Discretion is the better part of valor, as they say, so I left him to his snack.

Today, Wednesday, March 12, is the first day of the fund-raising event “Raise the Region”, sponsored by First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania. If you aren’t aware of this, please check today with your favorite local non-profit organization to see if it is a registered participant. There are so many worthy organizations to choose from that it would be almost impossible to NOT find one to which you would want to contribute. Two of my personal favorites are the Hughesville Area Public Library and the East Lycoming Historical Society. See more detail about how easy it is to help by visiting the website www.raisetheregion.org.

Hughesville Events

Friday, March 14, 10:30 11:30 a.m. Pre-school Story Hour at the Hughesville Area Public Library, 146 South 5th Street for children ages 3-5. Register by visiting or calling the library at 584-3762.

Friday, March 14, HHS Spring Sports teams begin competition get your copy of team schedules and enjoy some outdoor activities!