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Hughesville Locals May 21

By Staff | May 20, 2014

Can you believe that we are nearly through May already? The weather has given us just enough warmth to tease us into thinking summer has arrived, only to switch back to cooler spring temperatures as soon as I pull out the shorts and sleeveless shirts. It’s hard to know which seasonal clothing to have most readily at hand.

Of course, here in Hughesville we all know that regardless of the official temps, when one is going to the local AYSO and Little League fields in May or even June, the best plan is to put the winter jacket, gloves, scarf and hat into the trunk of the car. It seems that the western corner of town is ten degrees cooler than anywhere else! After a hiatus of a few years, I am once again entering game times into my calendar. Our granddaughter is exploring tee-ball this season and seems to be enjoying herself. It’s so fun to watch these youngest players as they begin to unravel the many aspects of ?America’s Pastime?. There are so many things to remember: hit the ball, drop the bat, then run for first base (which does not have a number on it!) and then watch for the signal for time to run to the next base. After a few innings, it can become confusing as to whether a ball hit toward you is to be avoided or picked up! One youngster was apparently convinced that he was not a base runner any longer, but should join in with those (from the other team) who were determined to corral the loose ball!

Have you noticed how many beautiful lilac shrubs are blooming all over the area? These hardy and easy to grow plants seem to blend into the background all the rest of the year, but their springtime blooms are wonderful. There are so many different shades and sizes of blooms that I want to have some of every type. Maybe I will see what our local greenhouses have to offer when I go to buy geraniums and other bedding plants for use in decorating graves at the cemetery. There is very little time left to do that, since this coming Monday is Memorial Day. I have been concerned that we might get a late frost, so I didn’t want to do my planting too early. However, we have passed the full moon, and if we make it past the new moon coming up on the 28th, I am hopeful that we’re ?home free?.

There are many parades and civic ceremonies honoring veterans in our local area beginning over the weekend and continuing through Monday, and I urge everyone to line the streets and travel to one or more of the cemeteries. Let’s all fly the flag proudly and honor all those who have given service to our great country!

Hughesville events

Sat. May 24, 6:30 p.m. HHS Alumni Banquet at Hughesville Fire Hall.

Saturday and Sunday, May 24 & 25, noon to 3 p.m. Open House at ELHS museum, 66 S. Main Street, Hughesville. Refreshments will be served on Sunday afternoon.

Monday, May 26, 9 a.m. Hughesville Memorial Day Parade, Pleasant Hill Cemetery Services following the parade.