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Hughesville Locals Jan. 7, 2015

By Staff | Jan 6, 2015

It’s hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since the turn of the century and all the “Y2K” worries! Our lives were thought to be in jeopardy from electronic catastrophe if all the “fixes” were not effective. Today we seem to have even more dependence on computerized controls and operation systems. I think it is a real testament to the dedicated people in many different walks of life that there are so few, and such minor, interruptions in our electric, natural gas, transportation, and communications networks across the country.

We are back to what some folks have recently called “the real world” now that all the holidays are over. I hope that everyone will carry over some of the tolerance and fellowship that is fostered in late December. We all can make our corner of the world a better place for everyone if we refuse to let the “holiday spirit” be stifled. Let’s make counting our blessings, and sharing our beneficence, a year-round way of life.

Hughesville has been so appealing in appearance with the holiday lights and decorations. I really don’t want to take our lights down, but I suppose it all has to be done. I think I’ll have to find a way to brighten things up with some snowmen or other winter theme.

New Year’s resolutions are often hard to sustain, but a good way to improve your year is by making frequent, regular visits to your local library. The Hughesville Area Public Library has many ways for you to improve your mind, lift your spirits, or entertain your family. If you don’t have a library card, or if it has been a while since you last used your card, visit the library to see what all is offered. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Winter sports season for high school athletes is well underway. There are events taking place most evenings of the week, so you have the opportunity to cheer on these dedicated students whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Visit the school district website at www.eastlycoming.net to see the latest schedule of games and matches. You’ll also see news items and facts about what is happening in all the schools. You can also mark your calendar for the first weekend in March when the HHS Drama Club will present the annual musical production. This year’s show will be “Damn Yankees”, a musical adaptation of the Faustian legend of a man who bargains with the devil. This light-hearted rendition will send you home whistling tunes!