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Lyco Taiko introduces Japanese Drumming to Muncy

By Staff | Jan 20, 2015

Urie Kline will be opening Lyco Taiko, a drumming school based in Muncy on 1462 John Brady Drive and classes begin January 20.

MUNCY – Lyco Taiko is a taiko school based here in Muncy, PA. It was founded this month by Muncy native, Urie Kline. He began offering Japanese Drumming classes in Lycoming County, starting Tuesday, January 20. “Taiko” is a style of percussion that combines rhythm, movement and martial arts; as such, it combines the best of drum circles and fitness classes. However, students need no prior experience in order to take part, and all equipment is provided.

Founder and instructor Urie Kline, a musician based in Muncy, claims that this initiative involves giving back to his community. “The Susquehanna Valley is very rich, musically. Growing up here, I received a great foundation that has allowed me to follow my passions. Now I feel it’s my turn to give back to this community by sharing what I know of this powerful art form. It’s my hope that, through Lyco Taiko, northcentral PA can become a wonderful home for this music.”

Urie has spent the past year and a half studying under taiko artist Kenny Endo in Honolulu. He has also studied various world music styles at the University of Pittsburgh and frequently “sits-in” at local jam sessions as a drummer.

Classes take place at 1462 John Brady Drive, Muncy, starting at 6 p.m. every Tuesday.