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Hughesville Locals Feb. 18, 2015

By Staff | Feb 18, 2015

I saw some grass last week. It was near the house, on the sunny, south side of the porch where the snow had been blown away. On one of the “warmer” days, say around 33 degrees, it almost looked green. Of course the past weekend’s delivery of Arctic precipitation has made that just a memory. But, each day brings us hope that winter, too, will pass!

I did like the way the recent snow has covered up the dirt and dinginess of many of the piles that were pushed up along the streets and walks. Now we can all be thankful that none of the storms we’ve had have been in the blizzard category, and none have brought more than a few inches at a time.

This is a great time of year to dust off your library card and visit the Hughesville Area Public Library ( or any of the local libraries that are part of the Lycoming County Library System). There is a section for new books in which you can find many of the selections featured in bestseller lists, in both fiction and non-fiction.

If you like to watch movies, you will find a wide range of titles available to borrow with your library card. Fans of jigsaw puzzles will enjoy buying a gently used puzzle, or trading in puzzles for something different to assemble. Young readers will find many of their favorites, as well as some of the newest in children’s literature. You’ll be sure to find something you can enjoy.

Does anyone know how I can best discourage scandalous behavior by starlings and squirrels at my bird feeder? These larger critters are like vandals who manage to tilt my feeder and dump most of the seeds out on the ground –er, snow. While the mourning doves seem to appreciate this, since it makes it easier for them to get to the seeds, I am not impressed. It makes a real mess, and much seed seems to be lost since it gets covered up by the next round of snow before it can be consumed. I expect there will be a soggy mess to clean up when the thaw comes.

Stay as warm as you can, check on neighbors and pets, and enjoy your day despite the cold!

Hughesville Events:

Fri. Feb. 20, 5 p.m. Fish Fry at the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Hall. The fire company is one of the greatest assets our community has and deserves our support. These dinners are a great place to see friends and neighbors, too!

Fri. Mar. 13, 5 to 7 p.m. annual ‘Fish Fry’ sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 26. Here’s another opportunity to get out and see people while enjoying a good meal. The Boy Scouts perform many services to the community while helping boys build character and self-respect. This is also Boy Scout Week.

Thurs., Fri. & Sat. March 26, 27 & 28, 7 p.m. HHS musical production “Damn Yankees”. Please note that the performances will be later in March than in prior years. Watch for information regarding ticket availability for this event.