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Hughesville Locals Feb. 25, 2015

By Staff | Feb 25, 2015

Record-setting cold temperatures and bone-chilling winds have been the topics of weather news reports for so many days that it seems we are stuck in a perpetual winter! I do have faith, though that in a few more weeks we will be breathing the fresh air of spring time! Any takers on guessing the day when the first crocus breaks through the remains of the snow banks? That’ll be a welcome sight, won’t it?

Did you have the bad luck to be on the roads last Wednesday evening during the intense snow squall? We were leaving church and were astonished at the nearly total whiteout that we experienced in the short drive to our home. I hope that everyone who was out during that storm was able to safely get to their destination.

March will begin this weekend, and the month will bring many opportunities for helping in the community. The annual Raise the Region appeal and matching grant appeal will take place March 11 and 12, enabling central PA residents to contribute online to their favorite non-profit organizations. There will be prizes of various amounts of cash given to participating non-profits who meet certain criteria during the campaign, and some random cash awards will also be made. This event has enabled many local organizations to accomplish goals that were not possible within their normal budgets. More details will be coming soon, so be sure you have computer access so you can help make a real difference locally. Several local non-profits will have locations with internet access and people available to help you make your gift.

The local Boy Scout troops are continuing with their collection of breakfast cereals for the Son Light House. If you are willing, contributions are gratefully accepted at several of the area churches. Please call the office staff to find out the best times to drop off your donation.

Hughesville events:

Fri. Mar. 13, 5 to 7 p.m. Annual Fish Fry sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 26. Here’s another opportunity to get out and see people while enjoying a good meal. The Boy Scouts perform many services to the community while helping boys build character and self-respect.

Thurs. Fri. and Sat., Mar. 26, 27 & 28, 7 p.m. HHS musical production “Damn Yankees”. Please note that the performances will be later in March than in prior years. Watch for information regarding ticket availability for this event.