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Hughesville locals March 18, 2015

By Staff | Mar 19, 2015

Happy Spring! I know I am not alone in my feeling of relief and joy that we have finally come to the end of winter for this year! While I know that we may still have “wintry” weather here in central PA, I also know that such cold spells cannot last long, and will soon be a fading memory. I’ll be glad to put the snow shovels and ice scrapers away and get some porch furniture out, too. I feel like I really need some warm sunshine and spring breezes to freshen both me and the house.

Many readers who attended Hughesville High School between the mid-forties and the mid-eighties will remember Miss Beatrice Corle, who taught English grammar and composition. While many of her students dreaded the days when we diagrammed sentences, or had grammar quizzes, we did learn some strict rules about our native language. Lately I feel like I have taken a page from Miss Corle’s view of things. In the space of one hour last week there were a half dozen examples of incorrect grammar, sentence structure, or use of prepositions and all were in published texts or used by professional office staff members. I know I am particular about the use of language, but am I alone in thinking that sloppiness has become more widespread? I really love the English language, and hate to see it reduced to a menial level.

Speaking of levels, how about the way the snow is disappearing! It has only taken a week of moderating temperatures to make most of the roads and walks become clear and mostly dry. The melting snow pack will make for some wet, slippery spots, but it won’t be long now until the grass really starts to “green up”.

And yes, I saw some robins this week! They are having a hard time finding worms and such, but it’s good to have them back in the neighborhood!

Spring arrives at dinner time (around 5:30 p.m.) on Friday and there will be a solar eclipse that day, although we will not be able to see it. The moon’s shadow will cross a part of the North Atlantic, so few people will be in the path of totality. There is a lunar eclipse coming up on April 4, beginning early Saturday morning. The eclipse won’t reach totality before the moon sets in the west, but if the sky is clear, we will be able to see the beginning stages.

The next few weeks will have lots of opportunities for you to see HHS students perform in the annual musical production (“Damn Yankees” is this year’s show) and also in many spring athletic contests. Get your schedules now so you can enjoy all their accomplishments.

Hughesville events:

Sun. Mar. 22, 10:30 a.m. a Lenten Cantata “You Are the Christ”, Peter’s reflection on the life and death of Jesus, written by Lloyd Larson. Presented at Christ United Methodist Church, 148 South Main Street, Hughesville.

Thurs., Fri. and Sat. Mar. 26 to 28, 7 p.m. “Damn Yankees” presented by HHS students. Tickets may be reserved by calling the high school office weekdays 9 to 3. Tickets will be available at the door, all seats are reserved.

Mon. Apr. 13 Hughesville Garden Club to meet