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Hughesville Locals Aug 26, 2015

By Staff | Aug 26, 2015

While the sound of 21st century school bells is generated by an electronic device rather than the tolling of a large bronze casting, the effect remains the same. Students throughout the area have returned to the classroom and athletic fields, preparing for both intellectual and physical strengthening. I am always happy to get the opportunities to see their achievements, especially things like sports events, concerts, and dramatic performances. Please be especially mindful of children riding bikes and walking to and from school, plus the young drivers who are navigating these foggy late summer mornings.

It is rather disappointing that most youngsters will be busy with school requirements and won’t be able to attend the games of the Little League World Series taking place so close to home. It is nice that we can catch the action on the television, but being on site is so much more exciting! I hope this year’s series will be free of any controversy or threat and that all the participants and their families enjoy their time in our wonderful corner of the planet! Good luck to all the teams!

As August comes to an end, I hope to have some calm and mild evenings for star-gazing. It has been tough to find the right combination of clear skies and opportunity for sitting outdoors late into the night. This week, on Saturday, August 29, the full moon will be one of three ?super? moons this fall. The combination of full moon status at the time when the moon is in its closest approach to Earth in its orbit, will cause the moon to appear larger than usual. Early risers will be treated to both the planet Venus and the bright star Sirius in the pre-dawn sky. Both are emerging from the direction of the sun and will be increasingly evident over the next several weeks and months.

Get your calendar ready now for the many local events that will celebrate Autumn! There are several harvest and foliage festivals and events that will give us all plenty of ways to celebrate the upcoming season. I will include all events that I become aware of, and am glad to hear of special things happening in the Hughesville area.

Hughesville Events:

Mon. September 7 Labor Day

Thurs. Sept. 10, 7 p.m., public meeting of the Black Hole Creek and Muncy Creek Watershed Associations at the Hughesville Library. There will be a presentation about infiltration testing.

Sun. Sept.13 Many local churches return to their autumn worship schedules following Labor Day.

Sun. Sept. 13, 2 p.m. Annual Hymn Sing at Old Immanuel Lutheran Church on Lime Bluff Road. Pastor James Fladland, pastor at First Lutheran Church in Watsontown will preside.

Sun. Sept. 13, 10:15 a.m. 125th Anniversary celebration at the Hughesville Baptist Church on East Water Street. Guest speaker, Rev. Mark M. Smith, special music by the church choir and the children of the Sunday School, plus displays of photos and memorabilia from the church’s history. If you have any items that you would be interested in loaning for display at the church, please contact Pastor Emeritus Robert Berger at (570)584-2280 for more information.