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Hughesville Locals Oct. 21, 2015

By Staff | Oct 22, 2015

Snow!! Yes, it’s only mid-October, but we drove through a snowstorm last Saturday. We were on route I-80 and there was slushy snow on the road and a coating of snow on the trees and ground from west of Clarion to this side of Dubois, more than twenty miles. It was more like traveling for Christmas. I hope we get to enjoy more autumn before we have to have the snow shovels and ice-melt next to the door. However, this year’s bumper crop of apples, nuts, and pine cones would seem to suggest that we might want to make sure our snow removal gear is in good shape and that we have a copious supply of the ice-melting crystals.

Have you visited downtown Hughesville lately? While the weather is still pleasant, make it a point to check out the wide variety of merchants that are all within a short stroll of each other. Make progress on your holiday gift shopping, spruce up your home for the season, or just treat yourself to something nice and support our hometown businesses. The Greater Hughesville Business Association sponsors and supports many community activities, parades, and benefits and they really appreciate your support of their efforts and of their establishments.

Recently I was reminded that it is possible to see the ISS (International Space Station) passing overhead, if you know when its orbit crosses over us and if skies are clear for the few minutes during which it is visible. NASA has a website on which you can look up the times and information regarding the time and direction for that day’s sighting opportunity. Since the station is only visible when it reflects the sun’s rays, and only shortly before the sun rises or after it sets, the time will vary daily. You also can receive email reminders about upcoming viewing opportunities. I have watched it cross the sky a few times recently and am always transfixed by the sight. What an amazing thing to realize that there are scientists aboard the ISS who circle the globe 16 times each day! I have always had an interest in our national space exploration program and remember the excitement of the early Mercury flights and the triumphs and tragedies that have been a part of our efforts to better understand our planet’s place in the universe and to better appreciate the other planets in our solar system. Friday evening at 6:53 p.m. looks like the next favorable time to see this magnificent sight. The ISS will be traveling across the sky from northwest to southeast, and will cross nearly straight overhead. Keep your eye on the sky!

Hughesville Events:

Sat. Oct. 24, 3 p.m. Hughesville Volunteer Fire Department Annual Gun Raffle. Admission ticket includes entry in drawings for 30 firearms, a meal, and beverages. Tickets may be by calling (570)506-1407.

Sun. Oct. 25, 4 to 6 p.m. “Trunk or Treat” at the parking lot behind Christ United Methodist Church, 146 South Main Street, Hughesville.

Sat. Oct. 31 Halloween parade and Trick or Treat

Sat. Oct. 31 Bethany United Methodist Church will offer a Hospitality event immediately following the borough Halloween parade.