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Hughesville locals Dec. 9, 2015

By Staff | Dec 9, 2015

The lack of snow is great for travelers and shoppers, but it doesn’t quite seem like only two weeks remain before Christmas arrives! I have had more travel than usual lately, having made two sad trips for funerals of elderly family members. We were grateful that we did not encounter any early season blizzard conditions. Someone asked me the other day if I was ready for Christmas. I didn’t go into detail about my reasons for a negative answer, just shook my head, but it really made me think about how unready I really am. As I made my list of what I would like to do for the holiday, then looked at that list realistically, I think many things will be crossed off for lack of time, even more than usual.

I absolutely must get my Christmas cards mailed this year or some folks will be convinced that I have left the planet.

I hope everyone had a good time shopping at all our local GHBA merchants and enjoyed the parade and festivities to kick off the holiday season here in town. I think the downtown area looks great and really enjoyed visiting many new and old locations as I worked on completing my “5 to Drive” card. I was delighted to find several items that reduced the names left on my gift list, and am sure they will be perfect for each recipient. There are many reasons to visit our local merchants even now that the initial promotions are done. Shelia’s Jewelry & Gifts, at 8 South Main Street, and Re-Covery Antique Boutique, at 67 North Main Street, are just two of the businesses that are offering special promotions and/or extended hours for your convenience. Make sure to give yourself time to enjoy all the variety of items that you can find that will fit any budget and will satisfy even the toughest person to please!

It’s time for high school winter sports! HHS had some great basketball moments last weekend, when the Lady Spartans were the champions in the Muncy Rotary Tournament and the Boys Varsity team won their opener against Muncy. The wrestlers also competed and several advanced through the levels in the annual tournament in Williamsport. The gymnasium will be busy nearly every night from now until spring! Go Spartans!

As you make your preparations, decorate your home, and shop for those perfect gifts, please take a moment to remember that there are many in our area, as well as in distant places, who need a bit of help to cheer them through this winter season. There are many private groups, churches, and organizations that have food, clothing, and toy collections in progress. Do what you can to help out with gifts of whatever type and size fits your heart.

This coming Sunday night, December 13, is predicted to be the peak viewing time for the Geminid meteor shower. While the best time to see these spectacular, fleeting attractions is around 2 AM, you may spot meteors at any time after the sky darkens. “Earth-grazers,” those meteors which blaze across the sky, entering the atmosphere at a shallow angle, are most often seen just after dusk, so bundle up, find a comfortable spot with few lights, and try your luck!