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Hughesville Locals Dec. 16, 2015

By Staff | Dec 17, 2015

Back in mid-October I told you that we had traveled on Interstate 80 through a snowstorm, and I was concerned that it was only the beginning of much more of the same. However, this past weekend we drove the same path and despite the fact that it is mid-December, the road was dry and the outside temperature was around 60 degrees!

I think our grass is actually growing. It doesn’t seem right to contemplate the necessity to mow grass while seeing Christmas lights all up and down the block. In case you’re wondering, no, my decorations are not complete, nor my shopping, or my cards, or my baking. I have no doubt that some of those things will happen in the next 8 days, but you will probably be correct if you assume that some will remain incomplete. As they say, there’s always next year!

If you haven’t driven through town after dark, be sure to take the opportunity to see all the lights and decorations. We can be proud of the way things look and the impression that is made on any visitors. If you have people visiting throughout the holiday season, don’t forget to show off our many “gems” in town, including the Hughesville Area Public Library, the East Lycoming Historical Society, and the school district campus, including the large sports complex. While it may not be busy on the soccer and baseball fields right now, just a few short months from now they will be alive with activity.

Congratulations goes to Emily Eck from Hughesville High School for achieving student of the 1st quarter and being recognized for her hard work by the Education Committee of the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce.

Hughesville Events

Fri. Dec. 18 story pre-school hour at the Hughesville Public Library at 10:30 a.m.

Sun. Dec. 20, 2 p.m. The Hughesville United Methodist Charge choir and the Heavenly Notes bell choir will present the cantata, “Comfort and Joy” at Christ United Methodist Church,148 South Main Street, Hughesville. The choirs will also present the cantata during the regular service at Bethany United Methodist Church, 111 South Second Street at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 20. This year’s Christmas Eve service will be at Christ U.M. at 7 p.m. The worship service will be conducted by the Praise Team and will include a special children’s production.

Fri. Dec. 25 the Hughesville Volunteer Fire Co will open their doors at noon for their 34th annual Christmas dinner. Young and old alike are invited for a meal at no charge. If you would like to contribute, call Lois Temple at 546-5687. Monetary donations can also be dropped off at the Shopper/Luminary office on Rt. 405.