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Hughesville Locals July 13, 2016

By Staff | Jul 21, 2016

It seems we can’t blame the recent hot weather on proximity to the sun. My EarthSky website, one of my favorites, tells us that we have just reached aphelion, the point in our orbit at which we are the furthest away from the Sun. It may seem a bit backwards, but of course, we all know that the seasons are caused by the Earth’s particular tilt on its axis, not proximity to our star. Another interesting tidbit I gleaned from the website is that two bright stars that are visible near Mars in our southwestern sky have probably the “coolest” names. Zubeneschamali and Zubenelgenubi will appear just to the right and slightly higher to our view. They are part of the constellation Libra. It’s a great time of year for stargazing.

Some of my stargazing will follow an evening enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Lycoming County Fair. The forecasts I have seen look like we will need to dress in clothes for hot weather, since temperatures are going to be in the high 80s or 90s. I’m sure the fair officials are preparing for cooling stations, plenty of water available, and as much shade as possible to make it pleasant for both those in attendance and for the people and animals who make it such an enjoyable experience. When you visit, be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen!

Last week we had fun cooling off in the Loyalsock Creek at the beach area in World’s End State Park. It has been a while since I was last there, but it was the first visit for my grandchildren. They had a great time. When we went upstream for some recreational rock throwing, we found some tiny frogs and some tadpoles, so some biology and ecology lessons were learned too. I think this will be on our list of things to repeat before the end of summer. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the great natural spaces we have so close to home. There are a half dozen state parks within easy distances that all feature a variety of outdoor opportunities.

Hughesville Events:

Thurs. July 14 Opening Day for the 2016 Lycoming County Fair, including the annual Fireworks Display. Gates are open daily through Saturday, July 23 from 10-10. Parking is available on the fair property for a nominal fee that is shared with various charitable organizations.

Fri. July 15 Pre-School Story Hour at the Hughesville Area Public Library. 3 to 5 year old children will enjoy crafts, stories, and a variety of fun activities. Visit or call the library at (570)584-3762 for more information.

Tues. July 19 is Youth Day at Lycoming County Fair. Attendees aged 18 & under may enter the fair free until 4 p.m. There will be a variety of games, contests, and special events for kids of different age groups. Sponsored By Jody L. Peterman Ent.

Weds. July 20 Senior Citizens Day at Lycoming County Fair. All senior citizens (aged 65 with ID) will enjoy free admission all day.

Thurs. July 21 Military Appreciation Day at Lycoming County Fair. Free admission for all who have a valid military ID.