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Book signing and true story coming November 7 to Muncy Library

By Staff | Nov 1, 2017

MUNCY – Local author, Nancy Magargle, will be doing a book signing and a program at the Muncy Public Library on Tuesday, November 7. Her book, “A Time to Die, A Time to Live” chronicles a parent’s worst nightmare. It is about “discovering life after end-of-life decisions.”

It is a true story about Nancy and the night she will never forget when she learned her 18 year old daughter was clinging to life in a hospital, mortally injured from a horrific automobile accident.

Little did she know that her nightmare had only begun. Nor could she imagine how the gut-wrenching decision to eventually withdraw her daughter’s life support would challenge-and ultimately strengthen-her faith. Magargle’s world crumbled. It changed her life forever.

As a mother she grappled with a crisis of faith while struggling to know God’s will when facing end-of-life decisions for her child.

“A Time to Die, A Time to Live-Making and Moving Beyond End-of-Life Decisions” (Carpenter’s Son Publishing-April 1, 2017) is Magargle’s story of loss, hope and redemption after her daughter’s death drove her into deep spiritual crisis. Mired in self-doubt and grief, she questioned how God could ever love her after she had made such an agonizing decision. Her guilt was compounded by a lack of understanding and support -even withering judgment – from some in her circles of faith and friends. And when an internationally recognized spiritual leader contacted her by mail, the letter’s piercing words only spiraled her deeper into paralyzing despair. But she continued her search for meaning in the face of unimaginable anguish.

A review says her book is poignant and ultimately uplifting. “A Time to Die, A Time to Live” provides a lifeline to anyone gripped in the relentless cycle of grief, guilt and loss. The book also offers a series of real-life coping strategies at the end of each chapter…valuable lessons learned on Magargle’s hard-won journey to redemption, understanding and grace.

Nancy Magargle is a speaker and writer who has written inspirational devotional pieces for God Stories from Lancaster County and The Upper Room. She has spoken to groups across Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and New Jersey on end-of-life decisions. With compassion, honesty and warmth, she freely shares her own life experiences with others caught in the spiritual and cultural crossfire of this issue, providing a clear path to acceptance, recovery and spiritual renewal. She and her husband, Ron, reside in Turbotville where they raised their four children.