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Annual Service at Old Immanuel held on Sunday

By Staff | Jun 7, 2018

Mr. Jim Girven, Lutheran Authorized Lay Worship Leader, will be the officiant at the Annual Memorial Service at Old Immanuel Lutheran Church, Lime Bluff Road, Muncy, on Sunday, June 10, 2018, at 2pm. The theme that Mr. Girven has chosen for the service is “We are Possessed.” Mr. Girven comes to Old Immanuel from the Messiah-St. James Lutheran Parish of Muncy. Both of these churches are “children” of Old Immanuel, and we are delighted to have Mr. Girven lead us in this service. Mrs. Jane Landon will provide music on the church’s antique pump organ.

Old Immanuel is considered to be the mother church of Lutheranism in Lycoming County. Founded in 1791, it lived until its doors shut permanently in 1920. The first structure built on the property was of log; the second and third (the remaining) structures were of brick. The current building was dedicated in 1869, and contains two cornerstones, one in German dated 1832, and one in English dated 1869. At least 9 Revolutionary Soldiers and 5 Civil War Soldiers are buried in the historic cemetery. The church was built on land donated by Henry and Barbara Shoemaker, of “Shoemaker Mills” at the Routes 442/405 intersection.

At one time, there was a school associated with Old Immanuel, and the church contained a gallery, a wine-glass pulpit, and enough straight-backed pews to seat 600 people.

Old Immanuel closed its doors for regular services in 1920, after giving rise to 19 other Lutheran congregations. Some of these have also closed their doors, such as Moreland Lutheran, Trinity (Huntersville), St. Paul’s (Millville), Germany Church, Katy’s Church, St, Mark’s (Lairdsville), Christ Lutheran (Montgomery), Messiah (Alvira), the Stone Church in Elimsport, and Zion’s, also in Elimsport. Some of these churches have taken on new identities as they have become home to other congregations.

Churches that have sprung up from Old Immanuel that continue with the Lutheran tradition include Trinity and Mount Zion, Hughesville; St. Andrew’s, Muncy; St. James, Muncy; Messiah, Clarkstown; St. John’s, Gordner’s Grove; St. John’s (Brick), Montgomery; and Bethany, Montoursville.

The public is invited to attend this service as well as to tour the historic church. Light refreshments will be served after the service. For more information, or to follow Old Immanuel more closely, “Like” us on FaceBook!!!