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The Vigil Project is coming to Muncy March 8

By Staff | Feb 27, 2019

PHOTO PROVIDED The Vigil Project will appear Friday night, March 8 at the Church of the Resurrection in Muncy. The musical performance is an inspiring lenten experience open to the public for all ages with beautiful music and prayer. From left to right are Shawn Williams, John Finch, Andrea Thomas, and Lizzy Boudreaux.

MUNCY – Inspiration and prayer will come together with the concept of beautiful music. Offering a doorway to heavenly song and gospel, the Vigil Watch Project is a proclamation of praise throughout Holy Week.

This unique production is a touring musical collaboration of talented young artists who offer spiritual enlightenment with the gift of song. They are musicians devoted to God and use multimedia resources to help others fully understand and enter the liturgical seasons of the Catholic Church like Advent and Lent through written songs of prayer.

Jesse Martin, Pastoral Associate at the Church of Resurrection in Muncy said this live event which will be featured at the church on Friday, March 8, will have something to offer for everyone. The Catholic Church wants to attract younger parishioners and this is a unique way to bring them aboard according to Martin. “The music will be exceptionally beautiful,” he said.

The Vigil Project started from a group of collaborating Catholic artists in Louisiana who all had a common desire in their hearts to make a gift of beauty with their music. Martin said there are about 8 or 9 performing vocalists playing the cello, violin, and guitar. “With their music, they will lead us into prayer,” Martin said.

It is a two hour event and doors will open at 6:30 p.m. for a start of 7 p.m. The program will be unstructured according to Martin and is based on the Stations of the Cross with a concert and a talk on the participation of Christ with a series of psalms. “We will also show a reflection video before leading into prayer,” added Martin. Afterwards, there will be a meet and greet reception with the band. “We want the public to come out for this free production,” he said.

PHOTO PROVIDED The Vigil Watch Project is a traveling troupe of talented musicians dedicated to the Catholic faith and have produced a world renowned music series for the liturgical seasons of the church. They will be performing in Muncy on March 8.

Their latest release is “Hosanna” for Holy Week which is available on YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. The Catholic artists in their own right came together for this project and partnered with 4PM Media and Papercastle Records for the production to make it happen. Their inspirational music can be purchased online and CDs will be available after the production on March 8 at the Church of Resurrection.

“We recognized that we could offer something much greater as a community than we could ever offer on our own, and we wanted to give the best of what we have,” said Andrea Thomas, lead singer. “The quality of art we produce is imperative for the sake of deep encounter.”

Vigil Watch started two years ago, and the band has spiraled ever since. “We live-video and live-audio recorded that first project (which was a 7-song music series for Lent and Easter) in 2016, and within one month we were viewed in over 100 countries. “

In the past two years they said they have received “multiple inquiries to come pray, sing and worship in various communities.

Martin said that the traveling troupe will be coming from Pittsburgh. “We are in constant “vigil” for the second coming of the Lord. We seek to keep watch and pray and to help others do the same. That’s where “The Vigil Project” name comes from.”