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Muncy Locals Mar. 6, 2019

By Staff | Mar 7, 2019

Hmmit seems that new voting machines are a hot topic right now in legislation, not to mention the costs associated with getting these machines replaced. Pennsylvania is only one of 13 states using a system without paper ballots. Governor Wolf proposed to allocate 75 million over 5 years with 15 million earmarked for grants to counties as a down payment for the upgrades.

Just a reminder to check out the Vigil Project this Friday night at Church of Resurrection for some beautiful music and reflection of prayer followed by a meet and greet reception with the band. All ages are welcome for this live concert event.

Welcome March and Women’s History Month. Carol Shetler has been doing some remarkable research and discovered a woman whose name is memorialized on a beautiful stained-glass window at the Picture Rocks United Methodist Church.

Last week Jade Heasley wrote about Paul Metzger’s book “Deeds of the Valley” and the life before the Ordnance in our White Deer Valley. I shared some photos with Paul that I found in my mother’s box of old photos she saved. As the government was about to dismantle the complex in 1946, she worked at the Ordnance right after high school for the Commander. My parents met there and my father was a guard. Several photos showed “blockbuster bombs before they were loaded into the Igloos with hoists and cranes,” she wrote. She passed away last March at the age of 90 and I’m grateful she left this piece of history behind. I am now reading “The Girls of Atomic City” which tells the story of women like my mother who helped to win WWII. The story in this book is true and tells about another town like Alvira only it is in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It depicts a true account of the roles the women played during this forgotten chapter in American history. The author, Denise Kiernan captured their courage and their keen desire to help during these hard times. Their work was secret, as my mother put it “classified”, and their contributions unyielding. Their skills and talents were used wisely. Some were secretaries, some were staticians and mathematicians, some worked in janitorial services, some were chemists, another a leak pipe inspector and others were “calutron cubicle workers.” Elizabeth Graves was an American physicist who worked on the neutron reflector that surrounded “the core of the Gadget.” All of this became part of the Manhatten project, secret work to build the atomic bomb. What history we have and I hope these stories of unsung female heroes don’t go unnoticed in history classes at school. Many of these women are now deceased or living well into their 90s. Perhaps you have a story to tell

Muncy Events

Fri. Mar. 8 Toddler Tales for ages 1-3. 10 a.m. Join Miss Monica for a fun-filled hour of games and activities designed with your active toddler in mind. Siblings welcome.

Sat. Mar. 9 Come to ELYMCA for a Beat-A-Thon and support the SuperStars from 10 to 10:45 a.m. as they show off their skills for a good cause. All donations will directly support this free program offered at the Y here in Muncy. Bring friends and family.

Tues. Mar. 12 Friends of Muncy Library used book fundraiser, 3-6 p.m. Many titles to choose from.

Weds. Mar. 13 – Raise the Region will be launched for a 30 hour fundraising event with the FCFP and Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships.

Weds. Mar. 13 Pre-school Storytime for ages 3-5, 10 a.m., Muncy Public Library. Join Miss Monica for a fun-filled hour of activities, crafts, and stories designed to prepare your child for kindergarten.

Mar. 14, 15 & 16 The Little Mermaid, Muncy High School, 7 p.m. Saturday performances 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Sat. Mar. 16 Cooking with class series at Penn College LeJeune Chef. St. Patrick’s Day Epicurean Traveler: Dublin. Call 320-CHEF for reservations.