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By Jade Heasley - | Oct 12, 2020

Jade Heasley

It seems that every fall brings up clashing opinons about what seems to be a simple thing: Candy corn. Whether you love it or you hate it, you can’t deny that it brings up very strong feelings in most people. Few people have a mediocre attitude towards it. No matter where your opinion falls on this seasonal confectionary classic, you’re entitled to your opinion.  If you’re not a fan, surely the sugar-loving devotees will be thrilled to eat your portion of it.  If you love candy corn, be thankful to every person who turns their noses up at it.  There really is no reason to try to sway anyone to your view about it.

Thinking about candy corn made me curious about its origins, so I looked it up on Wikipedia.  I was surprised to learn that candy corn has been around since the 1880s and was made by the Goelitz Candy Company (which later changed its name to Jelly Belly). Since it debuted in an era when about seventy percent of Americans were farmers it made sense to target the candy to farm families.While farmers are far less common today, candy corn remains popular as Americans eat over thirty-five million pounds every year. And if you really are that curious over where I stand on the debate, I am one of the shameless sugar lovers who thinks that candy corn is divine.

THOT – “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Events are being held at the library once again. Everyone must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer upon entering, and practice social distancing.  Attendees must reserve a spot by calling (570) 547-6212 or by going to https://www.montgomerylib.org/programming/

Montgomery EventsTuesday, Oct. 14 – Toddler Tales will be held at the library at 11 am.  Please plan to accompany your child.

Saturday, Oct. 17 – A Community Lunch will be held at the Clinton Baptist Church from 12-2 pm.  The public is welcome to dine-in.  Everyone needs to wear a mask when they arrive and leave, but they may remove it once they arrive at their table.  Seating will be socially-distanced.

Friday, Oct. 23 – The library will have Family Art Night at 5 pm.

Vendors are wanted for the Montgomery Volunteer Fire Company Fall Festival.  The event will be held at the carnival grounds on Saturday, October 31 from 10 am-4 pm (rain date – November 1). If you want to be a vendor please contact them at montvfc13@gmail.com  There will be food for sale, a costume contest for children at 11 am, and the Pumpkin Roll will be held at the intersection of West Houston Avenue and Kinsey Street at 2 pm.

To purchase Pumpkin Roll tickets, contact any member, send the company a Facebook message, or purchase them on the morning of the Festival.The Montgomery Emergency Management Agency posts timely updates on their Facebook page about weather events and emergencies that effect Montgomery.  If you would like to learn about volunteering with the agency, contact Dennis Gruver at (570) 547-6777.

Volunteers are needed to serve in a variety of roles with our local fire companies.  To learn more, please call either the Montgomery Volunteer Fire Company at (570) 547-1380 or the Clinton Township Fire Department at (570) 547-1000.The Montgomery Lions Club is accepting new members.  Call Roger McRae at (570) 971-2825 if you want to join.