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By Jade Heasley - | Feb 17, 2021

Jade Heasley

The Montgomery Area Public Library spent the days leading up to

Valentine’s Day with displays of materials meant to appeal to all ages

and tastes.  Vases of flowers and heart-shaped wreaths decorated many of

the various displays.

The children’s section was filled with a sweet selection of books about

Valentine’s Day, love, and hugs.

The section of books for adults had a different twist.  Rather than

having a regular display of books, the chosen titles were organized into

a “Blind Date with a Book” section.  The books were gift wrapped with a

brief clue about the plot – but not enough to make them easy to guess. 

Readers were welcome to choose a book to take home and be surprised.

Romantic movies were also available, but to humor those who don’t like

Valentine’s Day a section of scary movies was also on display with a

sign wishing patrons a Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day.

THOT – “Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library.” – Walter Savage


Lots of Happy Birthday wishes go to my sweet great-aunt Doris Baysore,

who will be celebrating her birthday on February 19.  I hope you have

the best year yet, Aunt Doris!

Brittany Ring is marking her birthday on February 23.  Many happy

returns, Brittany!

Montgomery Events

Friday, Feb. 19 – A Soup Sale will be held by the Clinton Baptist Church

and pre-orders are required.  They are offering Chicken Corn, Ham &

Bean, Vegetable Beef, and Hot Italian Sausage Soup.  Call Terese at

(570) 772-1930 or Paula at (570) 547-1773 by the 19th to place your

order.  The soup will be available for pick up on Feb. 26th from

2:00-5:30 at the church.

Saturday, Feb. 20 – The First United Methodist Church of Montgomery will

be having a Soup and Sticky Bun Sale from 10 am-1 pm.  The soup choices

are Beef Vegetable, Chicken Corn, Ham & Bean, White Chicken Chili, and

Chicken & Gnocchi.  You can place pre-orders by calling (570) 547-6948.

Saturday, Feb. 20 – The Clinton Baptist Church is hosting a free

Community Lunch from 12-2 pm.  Eat in or carry out.  Everyone is


Saturday, Feb. 27 – The Montgomery Area Historical Society is having a

workday at 9 am in their museum to reorganize the Adam Room.  Everyone

is welcome to help.

If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please remember to shovel

three feet of clearance around it during heavy snow storms.

Montgomery’s Girl Scout Troops are open to new girls ranging from

kindergarten to eighth grade.  To learn more send a Facebook message to

Margie Mathis or go to www.gshpa.org

If you want to make the town a better place and help the Girl Scouts,

please consider donating your gently used clothing to their free Back to

School Clothing Store or donate supplies to their Birthday Bags program.

  They are collecting small toys, cake mix, icing, paperware, and

decorations to put in bags for children and given to Footprints of

Montgomery food bank.  Let’s make sure that every child in town has a

wonderful birthday!  All donations can be left in the bin in front of 14

West Houston Avenue.

The Montgomery Borough Office and the Water Authority Offices are

operating but are not allowing anyone inside until further notice due to

the pandemic.  They can be reached at (570) 547-1671.  Public meetings

are held on Zoom.  The links can be accessed by going to the borough web

page calendar.  The mail slot can still be used to leave water bill


The Montgomery Emergency Management Agency posts weather alerts,

emergency instructions, local COVID-19 numbers, and other information on

their Facebook page.  To volunteer with the agency, call Dennis Gruver

at (570) 547-6777.