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Recycling Collections Suspension Continues

By Staff | Mar 31, 2020

Lycoming County Recycling Drop-Offs and Curbside Collections Suspension Continues until Further Notice


Lycoming County To continue to protect the health of the public and the County employees during the COVID-19 epidemic, the Lycoming County recycling drop offs will remain closed and recycling curbside collections are suspended until further notice.

You have the option to continue to hold on to your recyclables until the recycling program reopens. Or to throw away the materials. Recycling drop off boxes will return after the suspension has concluded, it will take a few days for the County to return all the boxes to each site.

Do not leave ANY materials at the recycling site, that is illegal dumping and littering.

For more information, please contact LCRMS office through the recycling hotline at 1-800-736-7559