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Hughesville Student Featured in Popular Horse Magazine

By Staff | Feb 2, 2010

Pictured with Alara Emig and Maddie, are Alara’s mother Amanda, left, and Woodridge Riding Instructor Linda Lee-Bower, right.

Alara Emig, 11, of Hughesville, can certainly be described as a kid who loves horses. It is not hard to believe that the Blaze Magazine “Horse-Crazy Kid” would be a perfect read for Alara. The Blaze Magazine, published by DT Publishing Group, Inc. caters to the horse crowd, and is filled with stories, activities, trivia, crafts, photos, and advice about horses. It is geared towards kids who are 8-14 years of age.

Alara’s parents, Brent and Amanda Emig have encouraged and supported Alara’s interest in horses over the years, devoting time taking her to 4-H meetings, riding lessons, horse shows, and even helping to muck out horse stalls at the Woodridge Farm in Montoursville where Alara takes riding lessons. Woodridge Farm offers full service horse training and a boarding facility. Last year Alara was riding a pony named Ginger. This year, the Emigs are leasing a horse named Maddie. Alara said” Taking care of Maddie is a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work. Mom, Dad, and I take care of the stables to help pay for the horse.”

Amanda Emig, a graphic artist, shares Alara’s love of horses and through her tutorage has taught Alara how to portray horses through art, primarily in pastel and drawing. Amanda sent some of Alara’s pastels to Brenda McCarthy, managing editor for the Blaze Magazine, in hopes they would be published in the magazine. The result was Issue No. 26, which includes a Youth Profile on Alara Emig titled “Alara’s Wonderful World of Horses”. The profile highlights a collection of horse memorabilia including a collection of over 50 horses, DVD’s, a home filled with horse furnishings, Alara’s love of art and riding horses, and of course, photos of Alara. Amanda said that ” Multi-tasking a busy school day at Ashkar Elementary, and juggling art and riding lessons keeps everyone hopping”. Alara commented that” I think the magazine caught my passion about horses very well. I have been riding for six years and every time I ride I have a goal to work towards. Right now, I am learning how to quiet my hands during riding”.

Besides her family, no one could have been prouder of Alara than her riding instructor, Linda Lee-Bower. At Woodridge Farm, Linda Lee passes on valuable lessons to her students. “I pride myself on personalized instruction and providing a friendly relaxed atmosphere where goals are important, but we have fun in our journey”. “Riding is a journey”. Bower cares about the relationship between the horse and rider, and the experience of achieving this relationship as time progresses.

Linda Lee also has a second business called Linda Lee-Horsemanship. She offers lessons, training clinics, and workshops specifically for the female gender. A lot of her business comes from older women, first time horse owners, retired nurses, and teachers. “A lot raised their children & had careers, and now it is their turn”. To contact Linda Lee-Bower, email her at llbower@woodridgefarmonline.com

Maybe sometime down the road Amanda Emig will also have her chance to ride. For now, she is happy with the opportunity to assist Alara and have this time to bond with a daughter who is “horse crazy”!