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Specializing in satisfaction to the very end

By Staff | Nov 9, 2010

Family members kept Creasy's Concepts successful for 25 years. The business closed last Friday when the building was sold. On stairs left to right: Dennis Lane and Brother Bob Temple. Standing left to right: Chet Creasy, Pala Crawford, Pam Pittenger, Teresa Orr, Patricia Creasy and beloved canine friend, Molly who came to work with them every day.

MUNCY – With a milestone behind her and a new life ahead, it was with some remorse that Pat Creasy decided to give up her family run business that kept her very busy for the last 25 years.

“I think it was time. I was approached to sell the building and I got what I wanted for it,” announced Pat Creasy, owner. It didn’t take long to come to an agreement. The hard part was letting go of something you love to do she explained as regretful customers called to say good bye and sent letters on how much they enjoyed Creasy’s decorating services.

The business was the brainchild of Pat who had been working with Lundy Lumber managing their home improvement sales. “My dream was to have my own business,” she said and 19 years later the Hughesville native ventured out on her own to start Creasy’s Concepts in Living. “I already knew decorating and retail, exterior and interior and I knew I could be on my own,” she added.

In September of 1985 she and her husband, Chet opened for business after they purchased the building on 2727 Rt. 405 Highway that was once a small RV dealership with no existing walls inside the small building. “We started working on the building immediately,” she said.

In 1987, daughter Pam joined in and two years later, her other daughter, Pala came on board. In 1993 they put on an addition and did some renovations to the existing building. Over the years the business became a true family operated business. Even the customers said they felt like family. Teresa Orr who joined the staff 10 and a half years ago said she felt like family. “Working with the family was just the best,” replied Orr who also said that Pat would introduce her to customers as her adopted daughter. Starting out as a customer, Orr said she came to Pat Creasy and said, “I would like to have a job here and would really like it here.” Pat hired her right away and she came to work full time for them. “She even gave me a key on my first day on the job.”

“We get attached to faithful customers. They became our family,” said Pala. “We will miss them.” Seven years ago, Pat’s brother, Bob Temple, came to work for the business and with a great sense of humor, both Pat and brother, Bob would make everyone laugh a lot according to the sisters.

With mixed emotions, a closing was scheduled this past Friday morning on Nov. 5, and family members and staff said goodbye. “Right now it is unclear on how the building is going to be used,” said Pat. The new owner is in the auto industry and speculation has it that it could be used for that said the family who was approached six months ago to sell the building. “The transaction happened quickly with the building,” Pat said,

In the meantime, many customers have called to express regrets about the closing and several wrote thank you notes for their services. “We had a lot of repeat business,” said Pam. “We were known for our great customer service.”

Some of their well known clients include Muncy Bank and Trust, all branches, Susquehanna Health, and a medical building in Clarks Summit. They would do everything for a customer, from walls to floors and window treatments plus coordinate fabrics and colors. “Our customers would like to come to us so we could put the whole job together,” Pala said. They would drop off swatches and come back to look at suggestions and if they were not satisfied they would start over. “We would rework another plan.”

Alicia Myers stated, “Creasy’s has helped us through the years with their friendship and decorating services. Pat has modeled what a smart and honest woman can do in her business.”

The staff at Creasy’s wishes to thank all of their customers over the years for their loyalty and friendship. “They have become our friends and family,” added Pat. “We have managed many homes over the years, some of them we have redecorated 2 or 3 times over.”

Another customer writes a recipe for a beautiful home. “Only shop at Creasy’s Concepts. Listen to advice from Pat, Pam, Pala and Teresa. Have all window treatments installed by Chet perfectly and utilize Denny’s excellent flooring installation skills.”

Pat concluded that she is a people lover and would like to continue using her skills for consulting work. She said she will miss working 7 days a week and it will take time to get used to being retired. “I plan to spend time with my 2 great grandsons, ages 6 and 18 months,” she reflected. “They are a treat after all these girls.”