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Concord Stagecoach built by Muncy resident

By Staff | Oct 23, 2012

Craftsman, Jim Powell from Muncy stands next to a replica of a Concord Stagecoach that he built by hand and showcased it on Sunday afternoon during the annual home tour sponsored by the Muncy Historical Society.

MUNCY – A copy of a Concord Stagecoach was on hand for viewers to see during Muncy’s historic home tour Sunday afternoon sponsored by the Muncy Historical Society. Craftsman, Jim Powell was proud to display his fine carpentry work of a replica of an authentic looking stagecoach that was used in the 1800’s.

Powell said it took him four and a half years to build it and it is still not 100 percent complete. “This is 80 percent of its actual size,” described Powell who stood with the stagecoach along the side of the Ritz Theatre on North Main Street in Muncy. He also said that the first coach was built here in 1827 and this was the primary means of transportation before passenger trains.

The stagecoach would bring many a passenger to the Ritz Theatre hoisted with luggage and props by way of the entrance alley where Powell’s coach was displayed. Stage coach fares were reasonable, although comfort was lacking.

He used mostly hardwoods and transported it on a flatbed truck. He is hoping to finish the final stages and then showcase the carriage in parades. “I should have it road worthy by next spring of 2013,” added Powell who used to be in road construction for a career. When he was laid off he said he started to do some research on stage coaches as he was really interested in them and how they were used to travel from the east coast to the west coast of the United States. To pass the time during his layoff, he started to build this stage coach.

He also explained that 115 still exist today in the country, some of them are restored, and some aren’t. “They are priceless,” he said. “Most of them are in museums and the originals are considered very valuable.”

He named the carriage “The Glade Run Stage Line”. Glade Run Road was the original name for Muncy Exchange Road where he now lives.