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To market to market to buy a fat goat?

By Staff | Jul 26, 2011

A third prize ribbon went to Alexis Newcomer from Muncy for her 'Reserved Light Weight Market Goat' at the Lycoming County Fair last Wednesday morning.

HUGHESVILLE – Every day there was something unique going on at this year’s Lycoming County Fair, celebrating 141 years. Wednesday morning was a special day for Alexis Newcomer from Muncy who entered four market goats and four ponies for the first time at the Lycoming County Youth Livestock Show sponsored by the 4-H youth club.

“This is my first show ever,” she said after taking third place ribbon for her “Reserved Light Weight Market Goat. She is the daughter of Cindy and Eric Newcomer from Muncy and attends Myers Elementary School. Alexis entered her goat in the 72 to 77 pound weight class.

Goats are judged on muscle and fitness, frame size and thickness. Some were eliminated because they were “too raw” according to the judges and need more muscle on them to qualify for a ribbon. Minimum weight should be 40 pounds and weight classes are determined after the animal is weighed in and classifications set by the goat committee. Alexis said she had to turn in a certificate signed by her veterinarian.

Market goats can either be a wether, a fixed male, or a doe, a female. Horns were allowed but must be blunted or tipped, and no bucks were allowed according to the judges, Todd Biddle and Mike Woods.

Ribbons are given for fitting and showmanship. Showmanship is determined by how the goats stay still to be evaluated for market, and the goat is placed between the owner and the judges, The goats are also judged on how they are groomed, clipped, and wether the hooves are trimmed and the coat is cleaned. “All the goats need to be slick-sheared,” said Woods.

In the same weight class first place ribbon went to Andrew Kiess and second winner was taken by Logan Koser. Goat chair was Ray Perchinski and Steve Peterman was chair for the Livestock Fair committee. Sponsors were Mill Technology in Muncy, Tony Dgien from State Farm Insurance and Shower’s Mountain Acres in Allenwood.