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New correspondent joins Luminary

By Staff | Jul 17, 2012

Nancy Hodge is often seen working at the Hughesville Library. She will be writing the Hughesville locals for the Luminary.

HUGHESVILLE – Welcome Nancy Hodge to the Luminary! She is a familiar face to many who live here. Born and raised in Hughesville, Hodge is the daughter of Bruce and Martha Starr. One of her strongest passions in life is music. So when she graduated from Hughesville High School in 1971, Nancy pursued a career in music education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. “I loved music growing up and took piano lessons from the late Janice Franklin who also lived in Hughesville.” Nancy sang in her high school chorus and played in the high school band.

Besides raising a family, most of her life has been surrounded by music. After attending a music conference as a junior in college, Nancy discovered a music teaching job. “I moved from Pennsylvania to Lander, Wyoming because I loved the clear, dry climate. I was tired of the rain here,” but later admitted she did miss the woodsy terrain of Pennsylvania, and returned 12 years later. She now enjoys occasional camping trips with her family.

Nancy does not waste her given talent. Since she was a vocal major with a minor in piano and played the clarinet in her university’s concert band, today Nancy Hodge plays the organ and the piano at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Clarkstown. “This is one of several performing groups that I have had,” she said. She also sings in the choir at Trinity Lutheran Church and helps with Sunday School on an as-needed basis.

Music combined with education kept Nancy inspired over the years to stay active in the field. She is a certified teacher and has taught at East Lycoming School District as a substitute teacher since 1987. This allowed her to assist with her elderly uncle who was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. She also taught part time at Benton and Warrior Run School Districts while raising her family.

Married to Barry Hodge, they share five sons and one daughter. On Wednesdays during the school year, Nancy is kept busy by watching her granddaughter and admits that she is anxiously looking forward to the arrival of her second grandchild that is expected in early August.

Nancy can be found working at the Hughesville Library, and occasionally she helps out at the Eagles Mere Bookstore. Now that her daughter, Martha Jean is off to college, Nancy is planning to give private lessons for the wood wind instruments as well as piano and voice. During her downtime, she likes to do needlework, gardening and on sunny days she will ride her bicycle to work.

Look for Nancy’s column as part of the Hughesville Locals for The Luminary.