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Former native and granddaughter co-author book

By Staff | Jul 31, 2012

Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Hall Krause and granddaughter Caroline Stoerker co-author book geared to young readers.

HUGHESVILLE-Sharing the benefits of ‘doing what’s right, for the right reason,’ is the mission behind a recent publication by Caroline Stoerker, granddaughter of Hughesville native Eleanor “Ellie” Hall Krause, now of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

In an age when parents struggle to teach children positive values, the 12-year-old Cummings, Georgia resident, and a kid herself, decided she’d use her writing abilities to share stories about kids in difficult and often humorous situations. Included in the text are the rewards for making positive choices.

With this idea in mind, Caroline approached mom Susan and grandmother Ellie with the idea of creating a devotional book which has been named, “Alive in Him.”

It was agreed Caroline would be responsible for the text, and grandma would pair each story with Bible scriptures relevant to life’s applications.

Nana Ellie, a writer in her own rite, had already authored numerous Bible studies which have been used at Westminster Presbyterian Church where she is a member.

“Alive in Him” is a 26 week devotional guide where following the stories, questions are listed and spaces reserved for notes.

The printer is Zoe Life Publishing of Canton, Michigan. Of the book, publisher Dr. Sabrina Adams said, “Building positive moral values in youth today, for a brighter future and stronger country tomorrow.”

Stories are geared to youth ages 10 to 14 years, the one named ‘Noble and Right’ tells of a student during spring break who becomes interested in watching a daily television show. The program’s characters used swear words and used God’s name in vain, plus there was plenty of violence and sword fights. Even after break ended, the young boy continued watching that show.

Later the youngster received a C minus on a science test and upon seeing the grade used a swear word overheard by three classmates and the teacher. It was then the student was invited to the hallway then sent to the principal’s office. In the hall the teacher’s admonished, “I’m extremely disappointed in you. You said a bad word and set a bad example for your classmates.”

It was then the youth decided to stop watching the show and instead play baseball with friends or practice his trumpet.

The accompanying Bible verse was taken from Philippians 4:8: “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

Two weeks following the book launch, Caroline spoke to more than 300 seventh grade students about what it means to be a nationally published author.

Recently the family returned from Chattanooga after a book promotion trip to the East Tennessee Home School Fair. “We had a positive response,” mom Susan said.

The young author was also interviewed on Atlanta Live, a local television show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where and when are seeds of faith planted? Perhaps in Hughesville where the late Gertrude (Hill) Hall brought up daughters Ellie, Thelma, Sarah, Gwen, and Ruth by taking them to the Hughesville Baptist Church. “Reverend Berger was a real encouragement to me,” Ellie said.

The granddaughter is not resting on her laurels as a new endeavor is in the offing. Just accepted by the publisher is a children’s picture book series entitled, “Little Bee.” Written for those age three to eight, the book will have a “Little Bee” plush toy as a companion.

Caroline’s younger sister Catharine assists by previewing and critiquing text. With four women from three generations involved, calling this a family affair would be ‘write’ on.

For more information, go to www.carolinestoerker.com.