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Muncy Bank and Trust and Gary’s Furniture join forces in beautification project

By Staff | Feb 5, 2013

MUNCY – When the Muncy Shade Tree Commission needed funds to continue its ongoing beautification to the Muncy Borough streets with flowering trees and those with high color foliage, it gained the support of two local businesses, the Muncy Bank and Trust and Gary’s Furniture.

Thelma White and Jim Wood also added to the coffers of the commission with financial gifts for plantings. This fall a dozen trees were selected including three for the Presbyterian Church property along S. Washington Street, according to Nella Storm. “The thank you note from the church was enthusiastic and appreciative for adding to the historical, handsome property,” said Storm.

Other plantings replaced trees that had died on Market and Main Street. The shade tree commission received matching funds through a SEDA-COG grant called ‘Tree Vitalization’. Additional plantings are planned for spring in Muncy. “They will be on a first come, first serve basis,” Storm added. “However those who have lost street trees get first priority.”

There’s a wide variety of trees for property owners to select from, and anyone who wishes to obtain one may contact Nella Storm at 570-546-3757 at the Muncy Borough.

This year the Shade Tree Commission welcomed new members from Muncy, The Rev. Ed Costello from South Sherman Street and Mike Livermore on North Market Street. There are numerous volunteers who help as well, and opportunities are available for anyone who wishes to help by contacting Nella Storm.

A spring pruning schedule will be established soon as many trees will need this service. “For over twenty-five years, there was no tree commission and nothing was done. Thus the commission is still playing catch-up on trees that require maintenance,” Storm announced.

Muncy Bank and Trust and Gary’s Furniture will continue to help make Muncy the vibrant and beautiful community it has been for generations to come.