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Local moms give support through prayer

By Staff | Mar 11, 2013

Karen Stine and Lea Cale from Hughesville are founding members for East Lycoming Moms In Prayer, an international non-dnominational organization established to give support and prayer for schools and staff.

HUGHESVILLE – Now that prayer is no longer part of the public school system, Lea Cale from Hughesville was compelled to start a local chapter for Moms in Prayer International. The organization was originally started in the fall of 1984 by a woman in California, whose “heart was heavy and burdened with concern” as she sent her children off to school for one of the greatest tests in the world, knowing when to choose right from wrong. “She cried to the Lord asking Him to protect them,” and soon other mothers joined in to help share the burden. Soon they began meeting on a regular basis for prayer.

Cale who is a substitute teacher said that she was fortunate to have someone share her values as well and together, she and Karen Stine have formed a Moms In Prayer group for the East Lycoming area. The founding members held an open house last month at the Hughesville Public Library and are planning another one in the fall. “We would like to meet two times a month for one hour, and pray for the children and teachers, wisdom for our administrators and all the custodial staff, plus everything to make the school run safely,” said Cale.

It is the first year for the group. Other school districts, such as Jersey Shore, Loyalsock and Montgomery in Lycoming County have also opened chapters. With the recent tragedy in Newton, Connecticut Cale said she couldn’t think of a better time to start a prayer group. Although the title bears the name ‘moms’ anyone can come according to Stine who said she is a grandmother. “We welcome everyone who wants to come and join us, all ages, working and non-working moms,” replied Cale.

They plan on meeting Saturday mornings. They will read relevant scriptures for children, thank God for what he has done, pray for the school and staff, and pray for specific requests.

The two women attended a group in Milton as a mentor before starting one in this area. “I was just so blessed by these women and the prayers they said,” replied Cale. The chapter will be called ‘East Lycoming Moms In Prayer.’ It is non-denominational and there is no commitment. “It is our way to connect with kids and moms to help ease their burdens,” Cale added. “We are a support group because prayer and Christianity help,” said Stine. “There is more power in prayer and numbers. It can be on-going, and can be with you when you leave here,” she added.

The women want to help give moms a better time so they can feel some comfort and know they are not alone. Cale and Stine met last October to discuss their views and possibly starting a chapter. Cale has a daughter in the public schools and Stine has grandchildren. To join, or for more information, Cale can be reached at 570-584-2494 and Stine at 570-244-1773. They have some testimonials, pamphlets, booklets and book markers stating the mission of Four Steps In Prayer: Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession. The organization was originally named Moms In Touch, but now Moms In Prayer International has gathered in all 50 states and in more than 130 countries to pray for children and schools. Founder and President, Fern Nichols says, “What could God do with an entire generation of prayed-for children?”