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St. Mark’s add amenities to church grounds

By Staff | Sep 6, 2013

Photo by Carol Shetler The newly erected pavilion at St. Mark's Church in Lairdsville is the background where part of the congregation posed. They include (Front l-r): Pastor Paul Shaner, Carrie Gordner, Esther Hill, Sarah Sherwood, Sarah Booth. (Rear): Shirley Brown, Shirley Temple, Elaine Avery and John Steele.

LAIRDSVILLE – A change in the landscape can be seen by motorists passing by St. Mark’s Church in Lairdsville. One project led to another and the results make the village church a more accessible and inviting spot.

The intent of the project was to excavate soil away from the rear of the church and provide ground level access to the basement. This was an added convenience, especially when the group hosts suppers and banquets for up to 70 persons.

The work expanded to remove undergrowth along the creek and constructing a pavilion on the west side along the parking lot. Work was done by contractor Jeff Booth, aided by brother Eric and many other volunteers.

“The new structure is open to the public, and already we’ve seen folks stopping to eat sandwiches,” one member said.

The congregation also invites people to their services where Pastor Paul Shaner shepherds the flock. Since he was an infant, Shaner has been an adherent at the church. The same is true for Esther Hill who said, “I was born after my mother taught a Sunday School class earlier that Sunday, she said of her mother Pearl Ritter Myers.

On Sunday, August 25th, Hill was accompanied to services by four family members. Carrie Ann Gordner is church pianist, and Shirley Brown is worship leader. Board officials are Elaine Avery, Sarah Booth, Sarah Sherwood, Shirley Temple and John Steele.