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Let LAPS fill your Lap

By Staff | Nov 12, 2013

At Picture Rocks Hardware, owner Glen Simpson and his helpful staff will assist you in purchasing raffle tickets to benefit LAPS, a local ‘no kill’ shelter for cats and kittens.

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT – Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in the sight of volunteers who care for felines at the Lycoming Animal Protection Service (LAPS) site.

“As temperatures begin to dip, a fuzzy, purring ball of fur in your lap would warm both you and a cat or kitten.” said Joy Jones of Muncy. Adopt one or two and make room at the LAPS Inn, so more can be safely sheltered before winter storms begin.

“The place is filled,” said Jones, who at age 82 begins her twentieth year as a volunteer. “I come four days a week and in addition to finding homes for our residents, we need volunteers.” Jones urges persons her age to consider giving of their time. “Even if it’s only a couple hours a week, feeding and cleaning pens or just sitting in the rocking chair providing the human touch, whatever anyone is able to do is important,” she said.

Each critter comes with its own individual story. It might be abandonment, death of an owner, or forced to relinquish pets due to relocating. The latter is the scenario of eight-year-old Shia. After hearing from a volunteer about Shia’s five month stay, a prospective owner came to visit. When learning of the pending adoption, Jones clasp her hands saying. “I was praying someone would take her, she’s such a deserving cat.” The probable owner who lives alone and is likely the same age in cat years said, “We older ladies need to stick together, there’s safety in numbers.”

A nearby volunteer stated that, “Statistics say kittens are nine times more likely to be adopted than older cats, but they all need homes.”

One day a week Bonnie Inman travels from Hughesville to the South Williamsport shelter. When her cat disappeared three years ago, she went to see if it had been turned in at LAPS. Shortly thereafter, her cat returned home, but in the meanwhile she decided to give the shelter some of her time. Inman shared that some of the aids foster kittens in their homes so that at 12 weeks of age, they’re ready for adoption.

“Can’t take a cat, no problem. For a monthly donation of $15 you can become a sponsor, supply needed items from the shelter’s wish list, drop off aluminum cans, put change in LAPS cans at local businesses, and participate in fundraisers.”

A fundraiser currently in progress is the ‘Christmas Cash Raffle’ with winnings in amounts of $300, $200 and $100. The drawing will be Nov. 25 with tickets available at the shelter at 195 Phillips Park Drive, south the Maynard Street Bridge in South Williamsport. Tickets can also be purchased at Picture Rocks Hardware, Kathy’s Caf and House of Flowers in Hughesville, and Bradley’s Fern Park, south of Muncy. For more information, go to www.LapsShelter.org