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Author donates book funds to local library

By Staff | Mar 25, 2014

Dale Brendle, author Larry Stout and Joanna Miller at a book signing on March 17 at the Montgomery Library.

MONTGOMERY – Attending the recent book signing by Larry Stout hosted at the Montgomery Area Public Library were Dale Brendle (left) and Joanna Miller. “Nightfall,” the second in a series of three takes readers from the small town of Montgomery, Pennsylvania to the steamy streets of Miami, the mountains of Switzerland, and the hills of Haifa, Israel.

Tyler Jackson, the novel’s hero/antihero, battles wits with the nefarious underworld of evil and the highest echelons of the FBI, seeking answers for life’s greatest mysteries.

The author says, “It’s a serious read which entertains as it educates, invigorates, and enlightens. The book deals with issues that appear on the front pages of today’s newspapers, yet are timeless as man himself.”

Stout is donating a portion of his book sales to the fund replacing windows at Montgomery library where copies of the books are shelved. The book is also available for purchase at Amazon.