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Rotarian woman serves community many ways

By Staff | Apr 1, 2014

Rotarian, Susana Falck proudly displays her Muncy Rotary banner. She has been involved with Rotary since 1970 and became an official member in 1999.

MUNCY – Born in Ecuador, Susana Falck has made the Muncy community her home for nearly forty six years. Although she is retired from running a small merchandise business, her world is far more busy than she ever imagined. Susana is an avid volunteer for the Muncy Rotary, her church and her school district.

When she was 17, Susana first arrived in the United States as a foreign exchange student in Florida. To this day, she continues to travel to her native land and other countries in South America where she helps to provide clean water in much needed villages. She has helped communities in Brazil, Argentina and Nicaragua.

Along the way Falck has hosted 11 exchange students with a youth exchange program, called ESSEX, and the Group Study Exchange District Committee called GSE. The students came from many countries including Chili, Columbia, Mexico, Finland, Ecuador and Brazil.

Dick Langer, president of the Muncy Rotary Club and Falck’s neighbor, recognizes her as “a club leader. “It’s her passion,” he said “She has thousands of hours in this, not hundreds. It’s unbelievable what she does.” He remarked how her enthusiasm and tenacity can accomplish any goal that is placed in front of her. “Falck is an incredibly organized woman,” Langer added.

“The paperwork is very important,” said Falck who has helped process close to two million dollars worth of grants in the past decade, so being disorganized isn’t an option.

Falck is also a volunteer with the Muncy Woman’s Club and she is the Liturgical Arts and Environmental Chair at St. Boniface Catholic Church in Williamsport. She is now serving as the Rotary District Foundation Chair, and was the first person to be given this position without being a past district governor.

Out of the many awards Falck has been given, her favorite was the Citation for Meritorious Service from the Rotary Foundation in April 2009.

Falck also founded Sirviendo FAITH Foundation. The acronym means serving Families in the Andes and other countries Impelling Talents and Honing capacities. The mission is to offer financial and technical assistance to individuals and communities in Latin America.

Falck currently serves as the international mission director, liturgical arts and environmental chair and Eucharistic minister at her church and visits hospitals and nursing homes to talk to those who aren’t able to attend.

She has traveled to Ecuador, Nicaragua, Brazil and Argentina to work with fellow church members and Rotary Club members to provide the citizens of those countries with clean drinking water.

Falck, a mother of two adult daughters, has been married to her husband, Larry, for 45 years. A creative endeavor that she likes to enjoy on a regular basis is cooking. “I’m very creative with artistic things,” remarked Falck.

Rotary International has more than 30,000 clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide. Without the guidance and support of people like Susana Falck, the club would not be as successful as it has proven to be.